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Buy SchoolGirls Now Schoolgirls : Young Women, Self-Esteem, and the Confidence Gap - by Peggy Orenstein
Orenstein studies girls in two different middle schools with students of varying racial, cultural and socioeconomic status. The results are astounding. Find out some of the reasons why girls aren't statistically doing as well in math class. See why the education system in the U.S. needs some serious re-vamping. And see why more girls need reasons to be smart instead of going on the next diet and/or following the latest fashion trend.

Buy The Second Ring of Power Now The Second Ring of Power - by Soledad, Abelar, Donner (assoc of C.Castaneda)
All of the women that Castaneda writes about are Heartless Bitches, in accordance with the rule of being "sweet, ruthless, patient, and cunning." The Second Ring of Power was the first book of Castaneda's in which women predominated. Castaneda's philosophy describes marriage as the enslavement of woman, and the social male's primary tactic of enslavement as being "getting her to feel sorry for him." Two other authors, Taisha Abelar and Florinda Donner, elaborate the same philosophy with more sophistication from the female viewpoint.

Buy Sex Tips for Straight Women Now Sex Tips For Straight Women from a Gay Man - by Dan Anderson and Maggie Berman
Cynthia Heimel wrote a very entertaining book when she wrote Sex Tips for Girls. This book is loaded with practical information on larning the sexual tricks of the trade. Who knows better what makes a man moan than another man? Everything from opening lines, "do not enter" alternatives, how to get what you want, to blow job techniques, not to mention how to ditch the duds. Humourous 50's style cartoons with double entendres. Have fun with it and practice on the one(s) you love!

Buy She's Come Undone Now She's Come Undone - by Wally Lamb

This book, though written by a man, give a great portayal of an unlikely heroine and her struggle to accept herself as having worth even though she doesn't fit society's image of "perfect."

Buy Barrayar Now Buy Shards of Honor Now

Shards of Honor and Barrayar - by Lois McMaster Bujold
They are coming out as a trade paperback "Cordelia's Honor". Published by Baen books.

Buy Shining Through Now Buy Lily White Now Buy After All These Years Now Shining Through - by Susan Isaacs
Any book by Susan Isaacs is almost certain to have female characters who are sexy because they are *smart*. Shining Through is the perfect example. Taking place during WWII, this is the story of a Jewish woman who's German background makes her the perfect recruit to spy for the US in Germany. The classic HB scene comes when she confronts the German spy trying to blow her cover. *DO NOT* waste your time with the movie. Other great HB books include:
  • Lily White - a smart lawyer raised by pathetic, poser, parent with a whiney, whimpy, 2-faced sister. She Kicks legal and domestic butt.
  • After All These Years - A middle-aged HB's ex is found murdered in her kitchen. She's accused, so she does her own sleuthing; and even finds time to shag her son's bad-boy buddy.

Buy Sisterhood of Spies Now Sisterhood of Spies : The Women of the Oss - by Elizabeth P. McIntosh

Sisterhood of Spies is a real-life James Bond story, double-X chromosome-style. Here, though, the heroines aren't sex kittens in black spandex, but rather upper-crust women risking their lives in the service of a country at war.

The narratives contained in Sisterhood of Spies couldn't be any more gripping if they were written as fiction: Nazi interrogation ordeals, daring escapes across mountain passes, expeditions behind enemy lines, even Mata Hari-style affairs. Ms. McIntosh's book is a fond ode to these women and a bravery that has remained unsung too long.

Buy Sisters in Fantasy Now Buy Sisters in Fantasy II Now Sisters in Fantasy - Edited by Susan Shwartz & Martin H. Greenberg
This book is several short stories all of which are very, very good. My two favorites are Unto the Daughters by Nancy Kress and Remedia Amoris by Judith Tarr. Unto the Daughters is a fascinating twist on the story of original sin which gave me words for the questions my subconscious was asking about the Christian religion and why men are deemed "better". (Or so they think!) Remedia Amoris is a love story which focuses on love between souls rather than that physical love which we all get so wrapped around the axle about. It also has a rather unusual yet amusing viewpoint for the story teller.

Buy Fire in the Sky (Shadowsong Trilogy, No 1) Now Buy The Burning Ground (Shadowsong Trilogy No 2) Now Buy Crystal Heat (Shadowsong Trilogy 3) Now Anything by Jo Clayton; she writes killer scifi featuring serious ass-kicking HB's. In particular, The Skeen Trilogy (Skeen's Leap, Skeen's Return, Skeen's Search); the Diadem books (all nine of them plus spinoffs); Shadith's quest (Shadowplay, Shadowspeer, Shadowkill- Diadem spinoffs); the Soul Drinker trilogy (Drinker of Souls, Blue Magic, A Gathering of Souls), and the latest ShadowSong Trilogy. All of these are basically set in the same universe, but each series can be read independently of the others.

Buy Skin Now

Skin: Talking About Sex, Class, and Literature- by Dorothy Allison
--Tell it like it is essays.

Buy Smilla's Sense of Snow Now Smilla's Sense of Snow - by Peter Hoeg
Smilla is a classic HB. Seriously intelligent, highly independent, with an uncanny sense of direction and an incredible awareness of snow and ice. The book is set in Denmark and Greenland, and the cold seems a reflection of her personality. Definitely a woman not afraid to kick ass and take names. The movie version, starring Julia Ormond, has recently been released on video.

Buy Snow Crash Now Snow Crash - by Neal Stephenson
In a near-future cyberpunk society, where virtual reality and neurolinguistic viruses collide with Sumerian mythology, two HB characters stand out:

YT (stands for Yours Truly) - she's a 14-year-old skateboarding courier equipped with intelligence, guts, and a vagina dentata. She takes no crap from anyone, not even the arrogant/ass-kicking Hiro, (the male lead in the story), nor Raven, the psycho with the fractal knife and the words "poor impulse control" tattooed on his forehead.

Juanita, Hiro's love-interest is equally Heartless. She doesn't let her love for Hiro compromise any of her goals, and is happy to dump him when he acts like a twit.

The book is a wild ride (kevlar-suited pizza delivery guys, bike chases in cyberspace, skateboard rides on the highway), and a fun read if you don't take it too seriously - after all the author certainly doesn't with a central character named, "Hiro Protagonist"...

Buy A Dozen Black Roses Now The Sonja Blue novels by Nancy A. Collins:

"Sunglasses After Dark" - Bram Stoker award winner
"In the Blood"
"Paint it Black"
"Midnight Blue" A collection of the above 3 published by White Wolf 1995
"A Dozen Black Roses" Her newest, 1996 White Wolf Publishing.

>From the back cover of "Midnight Blue":

"Enter the nightmare world of Sonja Blue: an independent, strong, and beautiful woman who also happens to be a murderous vampire--and vampire slayer.

To avenge herself on the monster who turned her, against her will, into one of the undead, Sonja Blue hunts the vampires who prey on unsuspecting humans. Wearing a leather jacket, mirrored sunglasses, armed with a silver switchblade, she haunts the shadows of the worlds great cities, continually searching for her prey....."

Be advised, this is strong stuff, very graphic and not recommended for children. It is NOT "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or comic book violence like "Tank Girl". It is a step beyond "I Spit on Your Grave" and far more literate.

Buy The Sparrow Now!
The Sparrow - by Mary Doria Russel
A startling, thoughtful portrait for a Jesuit mission to another planet. Populated with witty, intelligent characters, but overshadowed by the certain knowledge that doom awaits them all. This book has two great HB characters:
  • Anne Edwards is a foul-mouthed hard-assed old woman. Anthropologist, doctor, and great cook. Her finest moment comes when she realizes that ranting at God is also a valid form of prayer.
  • Sophia Mendez is a fiercely competent, initially cold AI researcher coming to terms with a traumatic past.
I found this book spiritually insightful, and I'm even an athiest.

Buy Stone Angel Now Stone Angel; Judas Child - by Carol O'Connell

Carol O'Connell writes intricate mysteries whose character rosters always include wild, smart, single, resourceful HBs who dispose neatly of the superbad bad guys. And the chicks always STAY single by choice. Her HBs are positively inspirational.

Buy Shroud of Shadow Now Buy Strands of Starlight Now Buy Strands of Sunlight Now Series of three books that can stand alone but tell a more complete story together; Strands of Starlight
Shroud of Shadow
Strands of Sunlight
Together these books tell the story of the life, death and rebirth of the race of elves and the strong women that hold them together.

Buy Strangers in Paradise Now

Strangers in Paradise - by Terry Moore
Abstract Studio, Inc., P.O. Box 271487, Houston, TX 77277
This comic's two main characters are women so well-drawn, both graphically and psychologically, that some readers are stunned to learn that Terry Moore is a man. The story mostly revolves around Katchoo (Katina Choovanski), a vibrant, shoot-from-the-hip, ass-kicking poster-girl of a HB. TPB compilations available.

Buy Succulent Wild Woman Now Succulent Wild Woman - by SARK.
This book will remind you somewhat of Kaz Cooke's works with its whimsical writing and drawing, as well as its lighthearted yet biting sense of humor. SARK takes a frank, humorous look at everything from love and romance to recovering from abuse. She offers keys for self-expression in all areas of life-- "Be succulent and live life to the fullest!"

Buy Such a Pretty Face Now Such a Pretty Face: Being Fat In America- by Marcia Millman

An objective look at what life is like for overweight women in the good ol' U.S. of A. I read this about 15 years ago, so I don't remember details -- just remember that I liked it.

Buy Sula Now

Sula - by Toni Morrison
What she wants when she wants how she wants. When she wants to stop, she does.

Buy Surfacing Now Surfacing - by Margaret Atwood, Canadian author
Deals with what it really means to be on one's own.

Buy By The Sword Now By The Sword - by Mercedes Lackey
Picks up where "Arrows of the Queen" left off, with a new character, Kerowyn, who refuses to fit her family's stereotype of what a woman should be, and runs off to train as a mercenary. Eventually, she finishes training, and ends up in a mercenary company. Sounds similar to The Deed of Paksnarrian, but is very much different. Overall, a great female rolemodel and a kick-ass story!


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Buy Talk Dirty To Me - An Intimate Philosophy of Sex Now Talk Dirty To Me - An Intimate Philosophy of Sex - By Sallie Tisdale
A straight-forward, incisive look at modern cultural views of sex and sexuality. From the cover: "Everyone does it, and everyone knows that everyone does it; I know you do it and you know I do it. I'm amaxed how often conversations about sex mince around that particular fact. American society is adolescent; There is no other word for our restlessness and preachy finger-shaking. We live in a world filled with a continual proliferation of sexual images outside context. Still we find it almost unbearable to talk openly about sex - With our friends, our lovers, least of all to each other as makers of our culture. The result is cultural puberty: Lewd, leering, intensely curious and ashamed and prudish all at once."


Tank Girl - A Comic Book heroine who kicks ass and likes to blow things up.

Buy The Cage Now Buy Saber and Shadow Now Buy Shadow's Daughter Now Buy Shadow's Son Now The Fifth Millenium books- written by various combinations of S.M. Stirling, Shirley Meier, Karen Wehrstein. Titles include:
The Cage
Saber and Shadow
Shadow's Son
Shadow's Daughter
Lion's Heart
Lion's Soul.
These books comprise the adventures of big hellacious barbarian Sh'Kaira and little hellacious witch Megan in the Fifth Millenium.

Buy Their Eyes Were Watching God Now

Their Eyes Were Watching God - by Zora Neale Hurston
Janie leaves her domineering father and several similar husbands before going off on her own and choosing a man called Teacake on her own terms.

Buy They Used to Call Me... Now They Used to Call Me Snow White...but I Drifted : Women's Strategic Use of Humor - by Regina Barreca
This is an excellent book for women to fully utilze their sense of humor in any situation. A good deal of humor is made at the expense of others and women in particular. This book has many fine points and can be an eye opener for those that have been afraid to laugh or make the right comeback when necessary. Written in 1992 it's not out of date.

Buy Three To Get Deadly Now Three To Get Deadly (A Stephanie Plum Novel) - by Janet Evanovich
Stephanie Plum is a hard-as-nails bounty hunter. In Three To Get Deadly, she's called in to haul the owner of a candy store into court. She puts up with the shit dealt to her by the little old ladies who want to protect the candy store only for so long. She finally lets loose and solves the mystery like no one else could. With the help of Lula, her "assistant", she cracks the case before it cracks her!

Buy Tiger Burning Bright Now

Tiger Burning Bright - by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton, and Mercedes Lackey
It's a fantasy book featuring three very capable women fighting to get their nation back.

Titus Andronicus - by William Shakespeare
The story of one of the greatest Heartless Bitches of all time, Tamora, Queen of the goths whose life and sons are destroyed by a bunch of goose-stepping military psychos who then do her the dubious honor of acknowledging her perdyness and making her empress. Afterwards, instead of giving them the gratitude they expect from her, she wreaks revenge on them all and bloody mayham ensues!


Jessica Amanda Salmonson- as well as several HB-oriented fantasy anthologies (Amazons 1 & 2, Hecate's Cauldron, Heroic Visions 1 & 2), Salmonson wrote the Tomoe Gozen trilogy. This is an incredible trilogy, set in an alternate feudal japan reality. Tomoe Gozen a female Samurai in a male dominated society in the golden age of fuedalism (roughly 900-1400). She wreaks havoc on men, gods and demons alike. A character with greater inner strength. At the conclusion of one of the books, she duels to the death with her lover, also a Samurai, who chose the wrong side.

Trilogy titles are:
Tomoe Gozen
The Golden Naginata
Thousand Shrine Warrior

Buy Trash Now Trash - by Dorothy Allison
(Short Stories) Includes an insider critique of feminism called "Violence Against Women Begins At Home," and a very erotic short story, "My Demon Lover." --HB Bookclub nomininee

Buy Twisted Sisters Now Buy Twisted Sisters, Vol 2 Now Twisted Sisters: A Collection of Bad Girl Art - Edited by Diane Noomin
Comics and art by Heartless Bitches.

Buy Two or Three Things I Know For Sure Now

Two or Three Things I Know For Sure- by Dorothy Allison
--The no-holds-barred autobiography of an HB.

Tell us about more books we should add to this list. Be sure to add some kind of short review or commentary about the book as well as the title and author!

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