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X-Factor - by Marvel Comics
Polaris is a a powerful female character in the series, and the leader of a team of super-powered mutants. She took the job from her ex when he left. Instead of crying about his departure, Polaris became the Greatest leader of the team.


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A Yellow Raft On Blue Water - by Michael Dorris
This book traces the history of three generations of Native American women. Very interesting and engaging.

Buy The Yellow Wallpaper Now The Yellow Wallpaper (and other Stories) - by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
"Gilman was America's leading feminist intellectual of the early 20th century. This collection makes available the fullest selection ever printed of her short fiction, featuring the pioneering feminist masterpiece of the title, the fiction from her neglected California period (1890-1895), and her latest explorations of "the woman of 50." Together, these impressive works throw new light on Gilman as a writer of fiction."


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Buy The Red Scream Now Buy Zero at the Bone Now Zero at the Bone and The Red Scream by Mary Willis Walker
Mary Willis Walker is a fairly new novelist whose female heroines are strong, smart, no-nonsense chicks who don't depend on men to get by. Set in Texas, reporter Molly doesn't take any shit from anybody.

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