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    --- S ---

  • Saadawi, Nawal El - the former Director of Health for Egypt -- she was removed from her post because of her outspokenness and support of women's issues, her feminist writing, and condemnation of female genital mutilation. A truly inspiring and incredible woman who refuses to be defeated by the bigotry of the fundamentalist forces aligned against her.

  • Salmansohn, Karen - author of "How to Succeed in Business without Having a Penis", and "How to Make your Man Behave in 21 Days or Less, using the Secrets of Professional Dog Trainers". -- "What's so great about married people? Hitler got married. Frankenstein got married. Roseanne has even gotten married three times. Obviously married people are not superior people. However, look at some of the cool singles out there: Catwoman, Buddha, Batman, Dudley Dooright -- efen the quintessential superhero: God. In fact, God runs a single-parent household. (Plus, there is no such thing as a Stepford Single Girl') ... One of the big problem with marriage in the nineties: No room for two husbands."

  • Salome

  • Sanchez-Duran, Consuelo - A Columbian judge who put herself at grave risk by investigating the 1986 murder of Guillermo Cano, and issuing an arrest warrant for Escobar, a notorious drug trafficker. She is awaiting asylum in the US as there is a $1M bounty placed on her head by Escobar...

  • Sand, George - The free-spirited author who scandalized 19th-century Paris when she defied convention and pioneered an independent path for women.

  • Sanger, Margaret - The controversial founder of "Planned Parenthood", she lobbied for birth control rights in the US after witnessing too many women die or become critically ill after illegal abortions. While her personal views on race and eugenics have offended some, the work she did to establish and create the right for women to have control of their own bodies cannot be ignored.

  • Savage, Dan - Heartless Bitch Queer syndicated advice columnist and comedian.

    "I think your boyfriend is an idiot. And frankly, I think you're an idiot, too, primarily for dating a closet case, but also because there's something fundamentally idiotic about being gay and Christian."

  • Secord, Laura Ingersoll - In 1813, upon overhearing news of an American plan to take over the Niagra pennisula, she bravely made her way alone through dense woods and harsh country to bring word of the attack to the British Loyalists, who then routed the Americans.

  • Scott, Casey -
    There's something about subtlety that you could never hear
    So I guess I'm gonna have to make it very clear, dear.
    I can see you haven't the capacity to ever really be near me.
    And you say, "Yeah, yeah, sure, well that's what you think"
    And I say, "Yeah, yeah, well that *is* what I think."
    - from "7th of November",

  • Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Nadera - an outspoken criminologist, social worker and assistant professor who is spearheading a movement in the middle east to stop "femicide" - where women can be killed or imprisoned and forced to marry because they are raped or even seen talking to a man. On March 8, International Women's Day, she will host the first Palestinian conference on femicide.

  • Shirley, Donna - The first woman ever to manage a NASA program, Ms. Shirley was the director of the Mars Rover project at Jet Propulsion Lab. She's now the director of program development at the Univ. of Oklahoma School of Engineering. She's got an interesting story - grew up in Okla., learned to fly in barnstorming groups, won a beauty contest, majored in aerospace engineering in the early 60s, led huge projects at JPL. Read all about her exploits in "Managing Martians"

  • Shiva, Dr. Vandana - Indian scientist strongly opposed to nuclear armament and the exploitation of the environment. She has written two excellent books on environmental issues in the third world and is an outspoken and fierce opponent of the Indian government's stance on nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and environmental issues.

  • Shott, Marge

  • Siebert, Muriel - An accomplished businesswoman on Wall Street and the first woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. Her success in a clearly male dominated industry is encouraging to all of us who sicken at the thought of the wasted human potential that results from our biases and ignorance.

  • Sipilä, Helvi - Assistant Secretary-General to the United Nations in the 1970s, the first woman ever to hold this post. Sipilä, in charge of the Centre for Social Development and Humanitarian Affairs, planted concepts important to the Nordic countries into the UN's vocabulary, words such as "humane" and "social". In 1975 Helvi Sipilä organised the first UN World Conference for the Advancement of Women. She is now pushing for Finland to be selected to host the fifth conference in 2005.

  • Skeffington, Hanna Sheehy (1877-1946) - a suffragist and equal rights campaigner for nearly half a century, she was a feminist, critic, teacher, writer, journalist, pacifist, pagan, revolutionary, labour movement supporter and at one time, even a judge. She was born in 1877 and from an early age was involved in many suffragette and political organisations, many of them of her own making. She was friend to many of Ireland's literary elite, such as GB Shaw and James Joyce as well. She supported the 1916 rising, but did not actively take part. Her husband, Francis Skeffington, a pacifist radical, was brutally executed by British Army officers while trying to stop looting during the rising. For the next 30 years she carried on his work and tried to ensure that in the Free State, women were treated fairly, and because of this withdrew support for eamon de valera's government, who introduced repressive measures during the 1930's and 40's, such as making it illegal to hire married women in the civil service or public sector, such as teaching. During her lifetime she undertook numerous lecture tours to the US where she raised awareness of the unjust and harsh ruling of Ireland (by Britain until 1922), and later under the Free State goverment and Eamon de Valera's government. She was definitely one of the foremost feminists in Ireland, who even when women won the vote, campaigned for full equal rights for the remaining years of her life. she is comparable with Maud Gonne MacBride and Constance Markievizc in terms of contribution to the feminist cause in Ireland.

  • Slick, Grace of Jefferson Airplane - Listen to Lawman if you doubt her.

  • Smith, Charlene Unabashed crusader against Rape in the Rape Capital of the world, South Africa. Smith has taken such ownership of the rape issue that many women's activists and government officials have come to resent her.

  • Smith, Patti - absolutely awesome performer, gender transcender, kicks ass, is hardcore serious about her art, broke new ground fearlessly - helping those who followed, is a Nirvana fan (Kurt liked wearing dresses, Patti likes wearing army pants) and has never taken any crap ever without hitting back.

  • Solanas, Valerie - As I think the heartless club should cover the widest range of bitch types, I propose to honorary member the ultimate deranged bitch: Valerie Solanas. Solanas, an outcast among outcasts, is basically known for two things: authoring (in 1967) the SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) Manifesto, and shooting Andy Warhol. She was part of his Factory tribe (even considered making him head of SCUM's Male Auxiliary, "men who are working to eliminate themselves"). In 68, Solanas wrote a play, called - she did have a way with titles - "Up Your Ass", and gave it to Andy so that he'd turn it into a film. Whether he did lose the manuscript or it was all part of a plot to control her writing (as she thought), the fact is that she took it as a personal affront and bang! After Warhol, Val shot Mario Amayo, a stinking critic, and then she turned to the third man on the room: "I guess I'll have to shoot you too." He went down on his knees and begged. She got into the elevator. Valerie Solanas may have existed on the far, angry fringes of sanity, but she was definitely a woman of action. You can't get more kick-ass than her.

  • Stanton, Elizabeth Cady - "The Bible and the Church have been the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of women's emancipation."

  • Stein, Gertrude

  • Steinem, Gloria - "A pedestal is as much a prison as any small space."

  • Stone, Sharon

  • Stuart, Mary

    --- T ---

  • "Tank Girl"

  • Thatcher, Margaret - "If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing."

  • "Thatcher, Meg" - of "Due South". She's smart and sexy, and go-to-hell confident to boot.

  • Theresa, Maria - Archduchess of Austria, queen of Hungary and Bohemia, daughter of the Hapsburg Dynasty, mother of the notoriously famous Marie Antoinette and Holy Roman Emperor (She found calling herself Empress an insult).

  • Thomas, Caitlin - Widow of the poet Dylan Thomas, quoted as saying "a lot of warm vulgarity is incomparably preferable to a little bit of pinched niceness".

  • Tlatli, Moufida - Tunisian director of "Les Silences du Palais." (English title: The (Silences of the Palace) Tlatli is one of the only female directors in Tunisia's small film industry. Her movie "Les Silences du Palais" is a critique of the marginalization of women, their inablility to express themselves, sexual abuse, reproductive rights, you name it.

  • Tomoe, Gozen - 13th Century Japanese Samurai warrior woman, often cited as the finest woman samurai ever, and the embodiment of the Samurai courage and honor.

  • Trinh, Thieu Thi - "I will not resign my self to the lot of women, who bow their heads and become concubines. I wish to ride the tempest, tame the waves, kill the sharks. I want to drive the enemy away to save our people." - Warrior Queen who led the Vietnamese to victory over the Chinese in 248 AD.

  • Trout, Emily Stowe and Jennie Kidd - The first women to fight for the right to attend medical college and practice medicine in Canada.

  • Tubman, Harriet - A true HB who set up an underground railroad for escaped slaves from parts of the south all the way to Canada. Although injured at a young age, she continued to free over 300 people *herself* from the degradation of American slavery and then went on to become a Union spy and nurse.

  • Turner, Tina - "What's love got to do with it?"

    --- U ---

  • (US) Women Veterans of WWII - - Jewish More than 350,000 women donned military uniforms and 6 million women worked in defense plants and in offices.

    --- V ---

  • Vikajärvi, Taina - a famous Swedish painter from Haparanda. Married once, she decided to live on her own after her husband died. When her children grew up, she had an affair with a much younger man. She refused his offers of marriage - she wanted to remain independent.

  • Baroness Elsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven - one of the most amazing figures in Dada and Surrealist circles. Robert Hughes called her "America's First Punk." In the 'teens in Greenwich Village, she was infamous for showing up at parties with tea balls attached to her nipples, postage stamps on her cheeks, her head shaved and dyed purple, coal scuttles on her head -- essentially, almost every time she left the house she got arrested. She created "God," one of the most famous Dada sculptures. (It was attributed for years to Morton Schamberg, but most authorities now agree Elsa made it.) "God" consists of a plumber's trap set inside a carpenter's miter box -- a box and plumbing, get it? She also wrote insane poems for the Little Review, and was friends with other HBs of the era like Djuna Barnes, Bernice Abbott, Peggy Guggenheim, et al.

    Elsa also terrorized men she fell in love with, like William Carlos Williams. She once went to his house in the suburbs, crawled into the back seat of his car, waited for the good doc to get an emergency call, and then popped out of the back seat, grabbed him around the neck and said in her heavy German accent "Villiam Carlos Villiams. I Vant you!" They ended up in a fistfight in Greenwich Village one night. Elsa was led away in handcuffs, and turned and yelled at Williams "Vat are you in this town? Napoleon?"

    Wallace Stevens got so afraid of her he wouldn't go into the Village anymore for fear of running into her.

    Anyway -- Elsa was once described by DuChamp's biographer (she also had an affair with DuChamp) as living a life "unhampered by sanity, and unmediated by irony." She didn't just make Dada art -- she WAS Dada.

    --- W ---

  • Walker, Alice - "No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow."

  • Wake, Nancy - aka "The White Mouse," was the Allies' most decorated servicewoman of World War II and the Gestapo's most wanted person. Before WWII she was a young woman married to a rich Frenchman living a life of luxury, but when she saw the atrocities being performed by the Nazis, she joined the resistance movement as a courier. She became more involved and earned her nickname from her ability to evade the Nazis. Eventually she earned a 5 million dollar franc price on her head and fled to England.

    In England, she became one of a few women to receive British Special Ops training so she could return to France as a saboteur. Her job was to motivate and train the local resistance movement to weaken the Nazi occupation. She was a shrewd military leader and did such things as leading raids on enemy headquarters and killing german soldiers with her bare hands. She recieved many medals from Britian, France, and the USA for her efforts.

  • Weddington, Sarah - the attorney who successfully argued Roe v. Wade thirty years ago.

  • Weil, Professor Simone - born in 1909, she became the first woman to graduate with a degree in Philosophy from her particular lycee (French college). She soon realized that marriage would eradicate any hopes of being taken seriously and foreswore it, and ANY romantic contacts with men, forever. She labored tirelessly in labor and anti- poverty movements in France, and took a horrible job in a Renault plant for a year to experience what she was working with. When France was invaded by Germany, she fled with her family to England, where she worked for the French resistance abroad. Sadly, her tendency towards doing good to excess won. She restricted herself to eating only what a French citizen on food rations would be allowed to eat, and at the age of 34 she starved to death. Her passion for justice and need for independence should be an inspiration. Her self-annihilation should be a warning. After her death writers as diverse as T.S Eliot and Albert Camus declared her one of our century's foremost thinkers.

  • Welles, Ida - Black journalist/activist/teacher who single-handed tackled the practice of lynching in the southern US by traveling all the way to Europe to establish anti-lynching groups. She was one of the founders of the NAACP but later walked away from the association when the mostly male committee wouldn't recognize her as one of the founding leaders. In the late nineteenth century, she forced white businessmen of Memphis, Tennisee to change their whole strategy of dealing with the 'negro problem' when she convinced the Blacks of the town to move away or boycott white-owned businesses. Even though she was criticized by both white/black men for her 'up front' attitude she continued to break down barricades not just for Black people but for women.

  • Wertheim, Margaret - Australian science writer and author of "Pythagoras' Trousers: God, Physics and the Gender Wars", a history of the relationship between physics, religion, and women.

  • West, Mae - "Don't marry a man to reform him - that's what reform schools are for."

  • West, Rebecca - "I, myself, have never been able to find out what feminism is; I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat."

  • Whirlgirl , - animated series about a hyperkinetic chick who just has to kick. Butt, that is.

  • Winters, Julie from the MTV series "The MAXX", (originally derived from the comic book)!

  • Wollstonecraft, Mary - one of the foremost feminists and Revolutionary authors, and mother of Mary Shelley, another great HB.

  • "Woman", "Wonder" - the original superheroine. She teaches the virtues of peace, wisdom, love, discipline and courage, as she was taught them by her Amazon Sisters, and then uses her virtues to beat the living snot out of anyone who tries to stop her.

  • Woodhull, Victoria - first officer on Babylon 5. Ivanova is the epitome of the HBI philosophy. She took down men and women, of every size, shape, color and species, and she never whined -- NOT once.

  • Woolf, Virginia

    --- X ---

  • Xena, Warrior Princess

    --- Z ---

  • Zapatistas, The women of the - proving to indigenous peoples everywhere that we can resist despite the new wave of genocide that we are seeing all around us, in the form of 'economic liberalization.' The women of the Zapatistas are showing those of us who are indigenous women, that we have an equal part in this resistance.

    "...as women and as workers, the Mexican indigenous women are also humiliated for the color of their skin, their language, their culture, their past. A triple nightmare that forces Zapatista women to take up a weapon and add her "Enough is Enough!" to those of their male companeros."
    Find out more about the Zapatista women in the video Zapatista Women: Word & History

  • Zenobia, Queen of the East - Daughter of an Arab chief and commander of her own military corps since the age of 15, Zenobia was the wife of the Prince of Palmyra (very rich city-state in the middle east, client kingdom to 2nd century Rome). When her husband was assassinated by his illegitimate son in a takeover bid, Zenobia seized control of the government, proclaimed herself Queen of the East, and promptly began a series of wars which eventually led to her controlling the entire Eastern half of the Roman Empire.

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