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The Goddess of battle, strife, and destruction explains it all for you

February 21, 2001

From: Keith
Question: Is Monica Lewinsky a Heartless Bitch?

On the one hand, she let herself be used like a blowup fuck doll, just an orifice in which Bill could satisfy an urge. On the other, she's in her mid-20's, and with no discernable skills, (aside from those mentioned in the Starr Report), is managing to live quite nicely in New York, pulling down a 6-figure income. She came through this whole thing much better than when she went in as an unpaid intern, so one has to concede she made the best of her circumstance. In fact, when you get down to it, there might be some question as to who was using whom.

What was your question again, Keith? Oh, that's right, is Monica a HB. Well, since she isn't anywhere on the Honorary HB list, I have to assume you see her as one. Based on your subsequent paragraph, do you think she qualifies because you see her as a "blowup fuck doll", an orifice, or because she "has no discernable skills"? Or maybe it would be because the way you see it, she capitalized on the situation that she was in. It's a little unclear whether you think she planned it but your opinion of her intelligence is so low that I have to guess not. ("Hi Linda, would you be so kind as to tape all our conversations so that I can use the President of the United states and subsequently pull in 6-figures even though I have no discernable skills. See, I called the psychic hotline and was told there will be an inquiry that you and I will be subpoena'd for... Hmm, you will? Thanks, hon, you're a peach.")

The only troubling part about her joining the ranks of H.B.-hood is the fact that she's pretty much a bubble-head. One of the defining characteristics of an H.B. is a fully functional brain. I can't help thinking that conferring HB status on her is an insult to many true HBs.

I didn't realize that any bubble-headed, skill-free, blow-up doll could just walk in off the street corner and become an unpaid intern in the White House. (Or perhaps be shipped in; in discreet brown packaging, of course.)

I can't help but think your reasoning in this assessment is an insult to many true HBs. Even some time later, her part of the whole thing really bothers you. Is it that she had an affair? With a married man? Who was the President? You clearly disapprove of her sexual choices, but I think it's the money thing that really gets under your skin.

Opinion? Clarification?

I thought the question about Monica Lewinsky was actually rather interesting until I read your reasoning behind the question. Alas, it isn't really about Monica at all. My thoughts on her will have to wait.

Just FYI, I'm a male, 40, married to an original HB, happily. I enjoy your site, have written before, (I nominated Arianna Huffington), and was curious about the HB take on the whole sordid situation.

So is your "original HB" wife a bubble-headed blow-up fuck doll, or did she just capitalize on some situation? Is that how she won you?

Hope you'll be around a long time.

We will. Thank you. Buh-bye now.

and that's my take on this sordid situation

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