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The Goddess of battle, strife, and destruction explains it all for you




Mar 26, 2007


The agonizing crush that had me in its cruel grip has been resolved Ė not quite the way Iíd hoped, but itís resolved all the same.


I was hanging out with the Hotness two days ago, just talking (or so Iíd like to think: I was probably being transparent and embarrassing).OK, I admit to some serious ogling and perhaps a few impure thoughts.


But we do talk and have done for ages. Heís my friend. (I now know why guys dread the Friend Zone.Thereís no escape.)


He had been telling me that his buddies had been urging him to get a life (heís kind of a male version of me in that sense), we talked about what movies we were interested in seeing, how neither of us did much but work and sleep, blah, blah, blah.


I was trying to work up the courage to ask him out when his phone rang.


It was another woman texting him to ask him out on a first date.


Right out of the blue.


He accepted the invitation.With a smile.And then promised to give me the details, because weíre friends: weíve talked.


Holy fuck!Did I ever read that one wrong!


At first blush, this doesnít look like a particularly fortuitous development Ė but I see it as a sharp nudge from the gods to get a clue and back the fuck off.Since they normally use mallets to make their point, this is a nice change.†††


But it was bloody surreal, Iíll tell you.Does this shit happen to anyone else or am I right in believing itís just me?Anyone?


Hmm.Girls, I canít say I care much for this ďloose puckĒ status (what my crush said the other guys thought I was) I have.Everythingís so uncertain.This is not a natural habitat for a control freak.It makes me anxious.I suspect that I suck at this.


But letís look at the evidence, shall we?


I realized a fantasy and dated a fireman -- and had an entirely dreary time of it.It was not hot Ė Iíve had that fantasy since puberty and I feel cheated.I always imagined it would be crazy hot.See?Be careful what you wish for (though the fireman thing seems gratuitously cruel, even for the gods).


On the yawning heels of that debacle, I manufactured an attraction to someone who is completely indifferent to me.I was only just prevented from making a total idiot of myself by an act of divine intervention and even so, I still managed to garner more than a fair share of humiliation along the way.And I will run into this man on a regular basis.


Fuck.I hate moving.


Clearly, some counsel is called for.I emailed my mole and laid it all out for him.Why was this happening to me?Would he be honest and tell me if I had no game?Does he think Iím too aggressive?


His response:


You do know that you can be alpha, without ACTING like an alpha?  True power isn't demonstrated.  It just IS. Just sitting there people know that you are not to be fucked with.  Think more Japanese samurai than berserker warrior. 


You don't need "game".  There is no game.  Just show up.  That's it.  You don't have to prove to everyone how huge your dick is, unless you are still trying to convince yourself.  Just R E L A X !!!  Ye gads, how many times have you read that from me? 


Astounding! This man will just not sugar coat it Ė whatever I ask him, heíll answer me honestly.Even when I donít ask him, heíll volunteer it and so far itís always been the truth.


Getting total honesty from a man is a disorienting, out of bodyish experience but I may as well make hay while the sun shines, ladies.Iím going to pump him for information before he clams up or is unmasked as a spy and killed.

This could get interesting.


Till next time,



Copyright© the Morrigan & Heartless Bitches International ( 2007
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