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The Goddess of battle, strife, and destruction explains it all for you

November 5, 2004



What were you thinking?  WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING??!!


C’mon – you can’t all have been drunk.   Especially on American beer.


Remember when I told you that we didn’t hate you, we hated him? When I said I knew it wasn’t your fault and that I was counting on you to do the right thing on election day?


I thought you got that. 


What are you telling us?  That you really are as dumb as you look? 


Do you even understand what you’ve done?  Hmm?  Any glimmer?  This man didn’t even have a passport before he was “elected” the first time – did any of you realize this? 


That being said, I’ve got to hand it to you – you’ve guaranteed that we’re all going to have a pretty interesting time of it over the next four years.  Among the things I think we might reasonably expect to see are:


  • an intensification of the war in Iraq with the corresponding cascade of civilian and military casualties;

  • a possible new and potentially nuclear war with North Korea;

  • another American draft within 2 years tops, even if nothing happens with North Korea or anyone else.  Iraq’s a quagmire and this administration has always tried to solve the problem by throwing troops at it. 

  • the obliteration of civil rights in America – the personal privacy and physical integrity of American citizens, abortion, women’s rights, gay rights, workers’ rights, you name it – it’s never going to be the same again.

  • environmental devastation, which is of course, ongoing and widespread. The Bush administration, being in the oil business, is particularly intractable when it comes to the environment and rarely rises above the level of unapologetic plundering

  • the unification and increasing coherence of groups of diverse worldwide anti-American extremists as Bush’s obvious lunacy gives them all a focus

  • the erosion of and illegal violation of the rights of Canadian citizens by border authorities and other surveillance

  • an increase in military abuses

  • the continued rise of the religious right-wing

  • a big boost in military and intelligence budgets

Don’t make me go on.  I will, later and at great length but the heart has gone out of me.  


Sure doesn’t look like those guys in Iraq will be back for Christmas though.


On the plus side, the international community will no longer confuse Canadians with Americans.  We’ll have no problem standing out soon.  We’re the pot-smoking commies living in the snow who let the fags marry.  The ones with the flu shot.


We’re of limited use to George at this point – but when he figures out that we’ve got 20% of the world’s freshwater supply and decides to invade us for it, we’re fucked.  I know he’s had no luck with bin Laden, but even Bush can find us.   I recently heard a comedian say that militarily, Canada is like Switzerland without the knife, which sums it up well.   When the day comes (and it will), we’re in big trouble up here and so are all of you.  We’ve been conducting exercises in our Arctic recently to assert our sovereignty there – a disquieting thing for a sovereign nation to do with respect to its own territory when facing no immediate or explicit threat.  But we know it’s coming and we know we’re screwed when it does.


And another thing -- there’s going to be a lot more Yanks cluttering up the place now.  The first winter should weed out the non-believers (I’m predicting huge attrition rates among the Californians) but there’s a hardy streak to these buggers and I’m sure quite a few will survive.  On the day Bush won, reported that 64% of its very heavy traffic was from Americans seeking to live in Canada.


Jeez, I bet the only cheerful Democrat left in the US is Hillary Clinton.  Things couldn’t have turned out better for her.  If we survive this administration, Hillary is more or less a lock for the presidency – but then again, I thought that Kerry was going to sweep the country.  We could just as easily descend into a Big Brother universe.


Sadly, it’s the more probable outcome.  Bush and his goons have never made a secret of the fact that they intend to extend surveillance and erode civil rights to an unprecedented degree.  In fact, they’re happy to oblige and can’t wait to get started.   


How could you? 


The man told us last time that he believed God had called him – and that was when he’d stolen the White House.  This time he thinks he’s the frigging Messiah.  Apparently, an inconceivable number of you agree with him.


Man.  You guys are screwed.


Shit.  So are the rest of us.


The democratic sector of the U.S. population (who we mistakenly believed were already out there) will have to take this opportunity to reevaluate and reorganize.  If the next four years weren’t going to bring Armageddon with them, I’d say that was a good thing. But seeing as Bush and his “crusaders” are very probably going to start the next world war before they’re done, the point may well be moot. 


There was a French documentary shown up here on a series called The Passionate Eye.  The piece was called “The World According to Bush” and it outlined the links between the Bush family, the Saudis, the bin Ladens, etc. and exposed the rotting corruption at the core of the Bush administration.  It also illustrated the mechanism, scope and breathtaking amount of power and influence these people have – it was the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen, especially since the interviews were all given by past members of Bush’s inner circle, the CIA, policy makers, staff members, etc. 


Try to get your hands on a copy -- I’m not sure if it’s for sale or is otherwise broadcast on the internet but here:     I warn you that you’ll never sleep again. I’m surprised you can sleep now.


So what conclusions are we supposed to draw from this? 


Based on voter response to the gay marriage question and the implications that result suggests, it seems reasonable to conclude that the average American is a bible-thumping, war-mongering, credulous, gun-toting cretin with his head up his arse.  Given the fact that voter turnout was unprecedented, this deduction drifts inexorably into the realm of the irresistible.  Something insane like 93% of voters voted against allowing gay marriage in one state and the others were not far behind them.


Who are you people?


I certainly hope you weren’t planning to use your constitution for the next four years. 


Thanks to you, Bush and the boys are not going to be inclined to restrain themselves now.   I’m not kidding folks, I’m really freaked out by this.  These are not ethical people.  These are not truthful people.  These are people with major agendas that they intend to pursue with the zeal of both the vindicated and the born again for the next four years, unless of course, they get us all blown up in the meantime.


Which seems likelier if you think about it.  In fact, it’s hard to imagine things turning out any other way. 


“A time for healing” my arse. These reptiles are going to act quickly to advance their agenda before anyone has time to catch their breath.  They will justify every despicable thing that they do by claiming God and the American public gave them a mandate to act.  Abortion?  Not for long.  Gay marriage?  An abomination and a threat to decency.  Civil rights?  It’s those damn terrorists that make all this necessary. 


What have they got to lose?  Under current U.S. law, there is no possibility of Bush gaining a third term, so why not push the boat out?


I’ve heard some Republicans claim that God ordained Bush’s victory.  Hmm…I kind of picture Him scratching His head and thinking, “Whoa --didn’t see that coming” right along with the rest of us. And I bet He’s fed up with being invoked by charlatans and obvious lunatics all the time.


You see, the people who elected Bush believe that the Bible sets out basic world order on everything.  When they tell you that God thinks gay marriage, personal privacy, abortion rights, the territorial integrity of foreign states or the Geneva Convention really isn’t all that important, they’re not just pulling your leg.  They believe it. 


That’s not to say that the consequences won’t be of Biblical magnitude. Apparently there’s a chapter in the back somewhere that deals with this sort of thing.  I’m not sure where it is exactly, only that it’s right next to the bit about the rain of fire.


Ah well, never mind. 


I’m sure George and the boys will find it for us.


Till next time.




Copyright© the Morrigan & Heartless Bitches International ( 2003
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