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The ABC's of Relationships

(mostly) by

A is for Another. If this lover isn't right for me, I'll find another.
B is for Better. The next one will have to be better than the last.
C is for Clingy. A most unattractive trait in a man OR woman.
D is for Dumper, which feels better than being the dumpee.
E is for Ego. The place to aim your best shot.
F is for Fucked. During the relationship he'll be well-fucked, and afterwards, he'll feel pretty well fucked.
G is for Gag. He better not gag me, or I might bite.
H is for Happiness, which is what I know how to supply for myself.
I is for Illegal. If he's into shit, he's not worth shit. Give him the boot and don't look back.
J is for Jacking Off, which is what he can do if he doesn't have time for foreplay.
K is for Knee. Useful for discouraging unwanted advances.
L is for Little. Beware of little men with little penises. They tend to have big complexes.
M is for Money
and Mama's
Love is no excuse for getting stupid about money. And a Mama's boy is ALWAYS a bad risk.
N is for Never. Once trust is broken, never look back.
O is for Orgasm. See 'H'. This too, is attainable by oneself.
P is for Pleasure
and Pain
In a relationship, there should be lots more of the former than there is of the latter.
Q is for Quality. It's better to hold out for a quality relationship.
R is for Ridiculous. The idea of letting a relationship de-rail you is simply ridiculous.
S is for Stupid. If it's making you stupid, it isn't real love.
T is for Thinking. Don't forget to do your own damned thinking!
U is for Underhanded. What it's okay to be when the going gets tough.
V is for Viciously...the way to protect your children, your sanity and your physical well-being.
W is for Wild! Live your life with passion!
X is for Xenophobe. Beware the ones with narrow minds. They usually have restrictive ideas about what YOUR role should be.
Y is for Yucky. I feel yucky when I start getting slowly sucked into manipulative-type bullshit.
Z is for zzzzzzz.....A nice long nap, 'cause there ain't no man worth losing sleep over.

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