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Hi, my name is Andy and I'm a recovering jerk.

...but seriously. There are plenty of us guys out here who are looking for a partner -- in the truest sense of the word. And most guys are clueless about what makes for a good relationship.

Most of the guys from my old neighborhood dated helium-headed bimbos (well, more likely perfectly ordinary women who caved into pressure to act like helium-headed bimbos) and party girls, and had a great time as far as sowing wild oats goes.

But when they felt the pressure to "settle down", they married women they had no real interest in outside of convincing themselves that "she'll make a good wife" (read: "I won't have to feel insecure about her dumping me for someone else").

So now they live in a world where "fun" and "wife" don't show up in the same sentence. She feels ripped off (and rightly so), and he feels trapped into something that wasn't supposed to be this way. The lucky ones have had their midlife crisis, figured out who they really were, and fall in love with each other again. The rest are stuck in a cycle of bitterness that only divorce can solve.

I tried telling my friend Tommy "WTF are you thinking? Your idea of fun is partying, football and fishing. There are plenty of women who like partying, football and fishing. Your fiancee is a nice lady, but she's not what you want & you don't love her. Don't compromise."

All Tommy could say was to repeat some stupid "It's okay to date 'fun' girls but I wouldn't want one to be the mother of my kids" BS. Now Tommy's idea of 'fun' is going to strip clubs and lying to his wife about his drinking. They've got two kids and have been separated twice.

Anyway, thanks to HBI for existing. People need as much positive reinforcement as they can get.

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