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You're not a Bitch - You're an ASSHOLE

Feb 5, 2007

I'll keep saying it: Way too many women don't know the difference between a bitch and an asshole. Women who are assholes under the pretense of being strong, or being "catty" to other women under the pretense of being straightforward; women who say "I'm not a feminist". Gossips. Liars. Cliques of gossips and liars.

Taking a stand and out-arguing involves using facts and being principled. Interrupting, attacking, using generalities, wandering from the subject, manipulating and shouting down isn't out-arguing someone; it's out-assholing someone.

Thinking clearly and challenging yourself to be reasonable, and speaking bluntly, while knowing the difference between a fact and YOUR emotional reactions and opinions, is strong. Letting your hatred and jealousy spew all over someone isn't strong, it's infantile.

WAY too many women are fooling themselves that they are Heartless Bitches, when they are merely assholes.

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