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How was the backlash so very effective?

(Mar 24, 2008)

by Mary Nolan 

So here's my concern of the moment; a student turns in an analysis of the following Dolce & Gabbana advertisement, depicting a woman (wearing sexy/chic D&B, of course) being held down on the ground by a shirtless man, and surrounded by other men looking on with anticipation.

This student's analysis? "This ad is telling women that if they wear Dolce & Gabbana, really good looking guys will be really like her."

Soooo…. men wanting to gang rape is now a good thing, is it? It means you're really attractive in those fabu clothes, does it?

This young woman is not alone in her horrifying reading of such ads, mind you. It's become a common thread among the younger set, and I'm really wondering how in the fuck the feminist backlash became so successful, that young women today are even more debasing of self than they were in the 1950's.

- Really Annoyed Mary

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