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Bad Parenting

(Dec 3, 2007)

by Jessica Wilson


Today I was visually assaulted by a level of stupidity and sheer arrogance (two things that should NEVER meet!) that I had never before seen in my life. I have to get this off my chest.

I was in the grocery store parking lot getting ready to turn into a parking space. Thank God for the brakes that came with my brand new car, as I had to slam them on to avoid colliding with a preschool age boy as he darted out into the parking lot. As I waited for the boy to be contained by his father, I had a chance to take in the situation.

This man had 4 little boys, all appearing to be between the ages of 2 and 5, all of them were having a wonderful time playing what appeared to be tag while running between cars at some points even into traffic. How sweet. The doting imbecile father had another future imbecile in his arms, (another boy, probably about 9-10 months), as he very slowly corralled his offspring and glared at me as he crossed into the store. I bit my tongue and refrained from leaning on my horn as he waved his finger and shook his head at me while in front of my car.

After parking my car and entering the store, I was not surprised to see his four little angels merrily decimating a Christmas display while he was trying to get the baby into a cart. I took the chance to glare him down and shake my head (I became my mother for one minute!). At that point Mr. Imbecile proceeded to scream at me, asking me why I hated children so much.

Lets get this straight. I DO NOT hate children. I LOVE children, I happen to have a gorgeous 3 year old boy myself. What I took offense to was this idiot thinking that because he lacked the,

a. Ability
b. Initiative
c. Intelligence

to monitor and supervise his own offspring, it was the general public's responsibility to do his job. Too many people do that - they give the rest of us responsible and courteous parents a bad rap by bringing their little gremlins out in public to do their evil deeds, and never once do the doting mommies or daddies even blink an eye. I am not saying my boy is the perfect angel in public, I have taken him out of restaurants on a few occasions before he could wreck the rest of the patrons meals. But here is the difference between me and Mr. Imbecile: I took my child home when he went berserk, he let his loose on a Christmas tree in our local grocery store.

This man had 5 children, who if they have anything in common with their dad, could produce between them 25 children. Mathematically that makes 30 more idiots in this world! My words to this man were simple. I told him that I didn't hate children, that I love children, but I hate stupid people who have stupid children and then don't give their children any guidance so that they can grow up into stupid adults and make more stupid children. That at the very least, he was teaching his kids to play in traffic! WTF?!

Please Mr. Imbecile, next time you touch you obviously fertile wife, bag it. The world is full of out-of-control nitwits, your contribution of 5 more is enough.

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