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A Bitch-In-Training Thanks Us...


Subject: COMMENTS: Bitch-in-Training thanks you

Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005x


I am not a heartless bitch… yet.


I have not applied… yet. 


Thank you for giving me a worthy goal!  I am growing into my backbone quite nicely, and when I feel myself start to crumble into meekness, weakness, oh-poor-me-ness… I go to my Favorites and read a little bit of your inspirational opinions and advice.


Recently, I met a guy with an actual personality - smart, funny, his own interests & passions, mutual attraction, the works - not a single Red Flag.  I, personally, thought it would be nice to go have a beer together & chat a little more.  So, I made that simple suggestion.  No big deal, right?  Nope. He went completely haywire!!  What the hell!?!!  You'd have thought I had somehow altered the fabric of the universe…. 


…so here’s when my training-pants failed and I couldn't figure out why I was depressed by the advice I actually got: "Men like to be the hunter, maybe you should back off & let him be the assertive one."  Please do not vomit, oh Bitch Supreme, it only took a few short moments of browsing the collective HBI wisdom before I realized… Hey! If the schmuck can't handle me asking him out for a beer, he sure as hell isn't going to be able to handle any actual undiluted dosage of ME - - Ever!  Imagine dealing with someone with that level of insecurity when I told him what I want in bed!!?


Without the gentle guidance of HBI, it may have taken me the duration of the entire exercise of actually going out on a date with this guy to figure that out, and for this I will forever be grateful to you. 


I love the in-your-face honesty, the wit, and intelligence of your site. 

Thank you. I have so much to learn! (and the perfect link for my Xmas wish-list for Stuff!)


Alicia (aspiring bitch)


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