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Yes, I Bleed.† Cope.

by Olivia

**** NEWSFLASH ****

Women bleed.† About once a month.† It's a sign that we are capable of REPRODUCTION - that thing that produces human life.† Crazy, I know.

So the whole deal, the thing I am worked up about, is that for some reason, people act like it doesn't happen.† Or like itís disgusting, dirty, or otherwise wrong.† An example:† significant other has informed me that his daughter, having just started her period, has been instructed to take the "waste" OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE.† No, it cannot contaminate the TRASH can... that must remain pure, for the snotty tissues, fingernail clippings, hair clumps, and other pristine items one throws away in the bathroom.†

Please, just fucking stop it.† Most of the men I know would FUCK through blood.† But goddamn if itís going to dirty up the fucking TRASH can.

Yes, I believe in hygiene.† But Jesus Christ, itís not going to KILL anyone.† As a matter of fact, that particular blood provides a lining inside a woman's uterus that helps SUSTAIN LIFE, assholes.

Quit fucking up women's heads, making their entirely NATURAL bodily functions, (which you literally couldn't live without), seem like something they should be ashamed of, or have to hide from people.† Maybe if more people loved women for what they are and what they are capable of, women would learn to love themselves a little more.

Seriously, stop the fucking bullshit.† Before I fucking bleed on you.


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