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Iím Not A Victim - Iím A Bystander of Stupidity

by Kelly V.

As I get older I find I have a decreasing tolerance for objectification from males.

I was scrolling through the previous HBI Rants, when I noticed a particular one that tickled my fancy- relating to the subject of people feeling 'compelled' to touch you because you have the 'perfect body'.

Now let me get this out of the way right here, I'm a curvy gal with some sick DD's. Also, let's keep in my mind that I do not like being touched by random strangers, or pawed and groped by anyone for that matter. I am not a petting zoo.

However,some people, I.E. boys (not men, mind you, because real men know what respect is), seem to see this differently.

I recently cut off the beginning of what seemed to be a great relationship. We got along well, had intellectual conversations, and generally had a great time together. Until the fucker started touching me nonstop. It seemed like the conversation died and he tried to 'dumb me down', as if by doing THAT I'd want to suck his dick- and it also seemed his hands never left my breasts/backside/curves all the time we were together. He couldnít understand the difference between affection and excessive groping.

Shortly after ending that disgusting 'courtship', I was talking to someone that I thought would understand my reasons for ending it. And they did to an extent, until I got an, "Oh you poor thing, I'm so sorry that happened to you." And that just put my hackles up.

Look:I was NOT a victim in this situation. I was, however, a bystander of stupidity. And that's where the real issue comes in: What obligation do I have to anyone who expects something out of me that I'm not willing to give?

The answer: NONE.

Another question: How much of a "victim" am I if they try (ďtryĒbeing the operative word here) and fail at taking advantage of me because I stood up for myself?

The answer: I'M NOT A VICTIM AT ALL.

The point of the story is that unless we take these matters seriously, take responsibility for ourselves, correct the misperceptions and misconceptions, and move forward, we're never going to evolve into an equal and strong world.

Because we're not fucking victims. We're Heartless Bitches that put an end to the bullshit.


::End Rant::


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