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Heartless Bitch, WildWoman does the Christina Show!

On July 26th, 2001 The Christina Show, a Spanish-language talk-show, invited members from HBI to participate. The forum was supposedly about women who hate men, and though our members don't hate men, we certainly didn't have anything good to say about the corresponding men's website they invited to participate.

Our own WildWoman, Rosie G., showed 'em what a Real Heartless Bitch (tm) is all about, and even wangled a flight for her and her husband down to Miami for the taping. Here is her hilarious trip report on the show...

A show about women who supposedly hate men. The panelists were brought out in the following order:

Evelyn from Puerto Rico, age 45
This one's antics were hilarious, but I only understood a fraction of what she said. The audience went off on her calling her ugly and insinuating she might be a man in drag.

There was also another woman whose name and place of origin I cannot recall. She was articulate, but when it came out that she had stayed in an oppressive marriage for over 20 years, the audience called her on being so complacent about making her own way in the world. I think she got kinda lost in the shuffle. The weirdest thing she did was when they cut to commercial and she got up and walked over to face off with a member of the audience. Security intercepted her.

Thelma, Mexican currently living in Utah.
A big, hyperactive, amazonian woman dressed in real tight capri pants and a halter top that barely contained her (the sound guy looked nervous pinning the mic on her) and big high heels. This one had quite a mouth on her. Prior to the show, she got into an argument with the Dominican guy and threatened the Mexican guy. The audience HATED her and they got into screaming matches, exchanging insults. My biggest problem with her was that she kept waving her hands in my face. That and the fact that she was desperately trying to hook up with a man...any man...back stage, which kinda blew her case about not needing one.

Yours truly.
I wasn't about to taunt the audience just to act a fool. Of course it was brought out that I'm married to a much younger man (Andy was introduced to the audience). They asked how I can consider myself heartless, when I am obviously capable of loving someone. I'm surprised no one asked how I get the blood to course through my body without a heart! One man stood up and said he doubts a young man like Andy could be attracted to a woman my age. Cristina, who is 4 years older than me, told him to sit down and shut up. There were a couple of women giving me thumbs up and when audience members stood up to hurl insults, they made it a point to exclude me. Overall, I played it safe and came out pretty much unscathed.

A real asshole who spoke of keeping a wife the way one would keep a pet...in a cage until you want to play with it for a while.

Mexican Attorney (male)
This guy looked mostly embarrassed by the company he was keeping, although he was spouting the usual bullshit about how a hard-working man deserves to be treated like a king in his castle. I think he just wanted a trip to Miami.

Mexicali Lady
Small woman w/3 young kids who runs her own business and refused makeup for religious reasons. She would've done okay, but during her segment there was a technical problem causing some editing and I don't know if that'll effect how she comes across on TV.

A very attractive young woman, she was funny in that she was there to make the point that she doesn't need a man and yet she was definitely looking to latch on to one. Back stage there was plenty of talk about hooking up with the everyone from the sound guys to the driver who took us there. She got hit on by the same guy in the audience who said I was "too old".

23 year old Mexican who works as a dresser for big movie stars. She decided at the last minute that she "adores" men too much to appear on the panel. She opted to sit in the audience and took the mic to make her comments. This one was the other one who the whole time she was saying she didn't need a man, couldn't keep from sticking like gum to the bottom of the shoes of every man who walked by.

Andy (my husband)
I didn't find out until after the show that Cristina had come up to him and asked him to "defend the men". Andy says he said, "These guys don't deserve defending". They sat him on a couch at the very front of the audience.

I was later told that in post-production they would add a shot of the HBI website. We also told them how to look at the page through babelfish so it can be seen in spanish.

Overall, I was impressed with Cristina as a woman. She owns the studio and I was unaware that she had spent 20 years as the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan latin america, although I know she has a magazine now that bears her name. Ours was the second show to tape that day and she was involved and busy, and very undiva-like. The staffers were personable and helpful and the accomodations were top-notch all the way.

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