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College "Ain't" For Everyone


College isn't for everyone. And I don't mean that in a "oh, learning a trade is just as valid as earning a degree" sort of way. I mean that not EVERYONE should make it into college. Half the people I've met just don't belong there.

When I was in high school, everyone promised me, "they'll be much more mature when you get to college." Now I'm in college. They aren't any more mature. If they were any LESS mature I'd already be gouging my eyes out with a salad fork. Now I'm told, "when you get to graduate school, they'll be much more mature." I don't know about YOU, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

Every day I'm faced with giggling idiot women who care nothing about their classes and only about the next kegger or 'hot guy'. Just like in high school, I'm treated like shit because I actually work hard, read, and study. GASP! She's not FUN, she's SERIOUS! Run for the hills, before it infects us and makes us SMARTER!

The thought often occurs to me, as I overhear women talking about how they didn't go to bed until four a.m., that had I been born in a country like, say, Japan, my studious habits and intelligent nature would have been rewarded. I would have been held up as an example; I would have been given my choice of educational futures. Instead, I live in the US, where stupidity in girls (and people in general) is encouraged, and where scholarships amount to a piddling percentage of the entire expense, never mind my 4.0.

I'm really tired of women acting like ninnies - and I believe that society is to blame. The ones I've encountered set a terrible example for the entire gender. I don't claim them as representatives - the women I am friends with are responsible, realistic, and act their goddamned age. Yet, they'll never have their behaviors reinforced by a society that celebrates the flashy, the idiotic, and the lame. A society that encourages girls who are already playing dumb to fit in to starve themselves, thereby depleting their already precarious number of brain cells.

So, here I am, the lone Heartless Bitch on campus. I refuse to dumb myself down to fit in. Society needs a great big kick in the ass, and I've got a great collection of boots.

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