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The New Dark Ages

by (posted Feb 16, 2009)

We are an ignorant, apathetic nation of losers. We have more opportunities than ever before. What has all of the hard learned lessons brought us? We're fatter, lazier, and stupider than ever. THESE are the Dark Ages.

We have reality shows so we can experience life without having to put down our Big Macs.

Books are made into movies, shortened for our commercial attention spans.

Pop stars (no longer can most be rightfully called musicians) rewrite the same drivel to a different computer generated beat.

In a few years, the pre-teens of today, whose heroes are rappers and the mindless elite, will be able to vote.

Who cares about Iraq, North Korea, or any of those unpronounceable countries somewhere on the other side of the globe. What's Britney doing today? Did you hear about Lindsey Lohan getting out of rehab?

Why should I vote? My neighbor will do it. My one vote won't count. And I may miss (insert popular tv show for this month here).

I don't even have to leave home to buy groceries any longer. Everything can be delivered and paid for with credit. Paper money and credit cards will never lose their value, right?

What's a library?

Who is Thomas Jefferson?

Wasn't Marie Curie that alien on ST last season?

My brain is screaming with the influx of ignorance around me. Should I give in and join the drooling throngs of the American culture?

Do they give lobotomies on request?

Is there a secret place out there, a paradise, that Thinkers have found? When will I be notified? How do I get there? I need to escape from this society before I rip out my brain (or someone else's). I long for intelligent debates, real conversation, art, literature, everything that redeems humanity, and proves that we're better than dumb animals. Passion, creativity, they give life meaning.

Why do people work as little as they can for as much as they can steal? What has happened to us? You are not entitled because you are you. Stop whimpering about your life if you are not going to change. More, more, more. Greed, greed, greed. Work hard. Do more than expected. Help your fellow man experience life!

There is so much out there! I long to see and do it all. Life can be amazing, but not from a recliner. You can not have a fulfilling life in front of the tv or a cell phone. Turn off the technology that is keeping us apart. Get out there and socialize. Learn about others, care about others, and your life will improve dramatically!

Take an hour a week and turn off the fucking tv! Invite your neighbor for a walk. Take cookies to the old man down the block (cliche', I know), volunteer, help out a coworker. Do something for someone else.

I want to see if my faith in humanity can be restored, or if I should just pull the trigger.

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