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Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

(October 22, 2007)

by Kim Krawetz



Is there anything that can bring out the vicious bitches quicker than a confident, attractive woman?

I’m so sick of women who simply cannot tolerate a pretty woman in their midst; who instantly go on full attack to demean, insult or otherwise drive off anyone they deem as competition. These are the women that give rise to the term ‘catfight’ and I’m sick of seeing it played out over and over again. These are also the women who say things like, “I don’t get along with women; I don’t trust/like them.” They try to pass themselves off as confident, but as soon as ‘competition’ shows up, that whole façade falls away and they’re revealed to be the petty jealous creatures they are. They derive all their sense of worth from the attention of men, and if that attention wanders to someone else, they simply cannot cope.

These women are somehow confusing confidence with arrogance. A confident woman knows who she is, feels good about herself and her body, and doesn’t feel threatened by other women. She doesn’t compare herself to others and feels comfortable being herself. Arrogant women wrap themselves in a breakable shell of pseudo-confidence, constantly compare themselves to other women and hide their feelings of inferiority behind scathing attacks. The only way they can feel better about themselves is to demean others.

These women actively court male attention, any male attention. They dress and behave in a manner specifically meant to garner male interest, like costumes and roles in a play. However, when an attractive and truly confident woman enters the room, these women know that their artifice and manipulation cannot hold a candle to the real thing. It’s laughable to hear them exclaim, “Look at how she’s just trying to get attention!” when the woman is doing nothing more than being herself.

There’s definitely some truth behind that old commercial - "Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful."

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