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Double Standards

by Jessica Tate


I have got a bone to pick with so-called feminists.


I am talking about women who demand equality, and yet don't want ACTUAL equality.


I work in the firefighting industry. This is a typically male-dominated environment, and I have worked long and hard to get the respect I demand from my male co-workers.


The thing that is currently pissing me off are the women who complain about there being so few female firefighters, and demanding that the fire departments create a different physical test for women.


This is horseshit.


How would they feel if the department also created a different mental and oral evaluation for women? The implication would be the same: that as a woman you are inherently inferior, and need special concessions so you can do a certain thing.


Women don't think of this when they whine about not being qualified to be a firefighter.


There is one set of physical standards that ALL firefighter hopefuls are tried on. If you wanna be a firefighter, you gotta be able to do this. You don't hear shrimpy wimpy guys whining about it- you see them going to the gym to be able to improve, and pass it.


All the women do is complain that it is sexist. That is absolutely not the case. In our department, there are 2 women firefighters. The Assistant Chief, and myself. Did we require "Affirmative Action"? No. Did they lower the standards so we could be included? No. Did we work our asses off to achieve something and feel really good about ourselves afterwards? Yes.


Personally, when I go into a burning building with my team, I want to know for a solid FACT that if I am injured or unable to extract myself, that ANY member of my team can remove me safely. I don't care what they have between their legs. It is what is between their ears, and their ability to perform their job that counts.


A double standard is a double standard, even if the outcome favors you. Sexism is sexism, even though women may benefit. Discrimination is discrimination, no matter what the results are. If it makes ANY concessions due to gender, race, creed, or sexual preference, it is STILL DISCRIMINATION.


And so these "Feminists" talk about a "Women's firefighter Test". What is next? A special "Women's Bachelor Degree", or a "Women's Driving Test"? Implying that women can't succeed on an equal playing field demeans the entire women's movement, not to mention the concept of feminism, and it really chaps my ass.


Women who demand equality should be willing to accept what that really means.


A lot of times, they get it and find out that they don't want true equality. These are the women who want the best of both worlds- they want equal rights, pay, and wages, but they still want men to kiss their asses and kowtow to their every whim.


Either you want special treatment or you want to be treated as an equal. Pick one, honey. Then shut the fuck up.




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