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Fucking Double Standards

(June 18, 2007)

by Angela



I’ve got a rant and it’s something that’s been bugging me for a couple of weeks now. I figured I’d ignore it, it’d go away, but the damn thing just keeps festering, so it’s time to lance it.


A couple of weeks ago there were headlines all over the net about a female athlete posing for Playboy. That’s not my rant – you wanna take off your clothes rock on with your bad self, it’s all about choices. My rant is about the “sub” headlines of this story that I saw over and over – “How will this affect female athletes?” What the hell does that mean? One woman takes off her clothes and now ALL female athletes are suspect? Not to be taken seriously? Where were these douche bags every time some male athlete raped someone? Used his wife or girlfriend as a punching bag? Bit off some dude’s ear? I could go on and on about the crimes perpetrated by male athletes, and not ONCE has anyone ever asked “Is this the end of male athletes?” How is there more shame in posing for Playboy, which I’m sure every one of these guys has jacked off to at one time or another, than in beating your wife? And when will our “enlightened” society get over holding women to a higher standard than men? If I were a man, I think that would seriously piss me off.


Okay, the wound is healing. Thanks for the opportunity to drain the pus.

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