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How Much more Clueless can a Man Get?

Y'know, we get alot of dweeby email here at HBI, but this one is a classic. It's so pathetic that if it isn't real, the character who wrote it is a seriously sad puppy. And after all that simpering and self-pity he actually thought we'd WANT to see an unsolicited JPEG image that he included as an attachment! We read his letter and made our "loser in 3D" signs to each other, indicating our opinion of this guy's status in life. It was SO pathetic, we just HAD to share it with you, including our own annotations. (reminiscent of the old RICHH critiques of stories sent to a.s.s.... thanks Rich)

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I know at least two heartless bitches;  I work for one of them 
and the other one I am divorcing. <they are the only women who 
can stand my simpering> and all the women in my life seem hell 
bent on doing one thing <getting as far away from me as they 
can!> ...TORTURING ME. <maybe it's because I have "torture me" 
tattooed on my forehead?> 

wanna know why??? <because you are a dweeb?> BECAUSE I 
AM A NICE GUY... <no!!!!  Really?  Just because of that?  
Do tell...>

and not the kind that plays pictionary and listens to 
kenny loggins. <i prefer strip-scrabble and enya, and 
masturbating to cosmopolitan magazine>

i'd rather read about jack henry abott cutting some guys 
heart out and going back in the slammer for life... or a 
harry crews novel... or some biographical information on 
Pee Wee Gaskins. <oooh.  deep. a regular cultural icon>

but still	... i am a nice guy. <but deep, and with 
a dark side. "luke. I am your father, luke.">

so why are my intimate involvements (the serious ones) with 
women who are, to cop a phrase...HEARTLESS BITCHES? <because 
you are a dweeb?!>

and another thing...I CAN'T EVEN GET SEX FROM MY WIFE WHO I 
HAVE BEEN MARRIED TO FOR 12 YEARS!  <have you tried washing 
behind that foreskin?> That is not the reason we are divorcing, 
but it sure ices the cake. <does "he's lousy in bed" qualify as 
"irreconcilable differences"?>

So now what do I do? <pick your nose? organize your belly-button 
lint collection?  clean behind that foreskin?> I roam the 
darkened streets of manhatten with my friend in his undersized 
honda civic and lust after prostitutes... <and skanky diseases> 
who of course think we are cops and won't even give us the time 
of day...<much less a free blow-job>

wanna know why?  <because you are a DWEEB?! he just doesn't 
listen...> Because there is only one thing more pathetic than 
a nice guy in an undersized honda civic with a STUPID LOOK ON 
HIS FACE that basically says "hey, I'm a nice guy!" ...  and 
LOOKS ON THEIR FACES! <and one of them who would actually 
write this down and send it to a total stranger>

The world can be a cold place. <especially in a honda with 
no heater>

and i am so sick and burned out on masturbating to the same 
tired pornographic illiterature it makes my stomach turn. <so 
i turn to the net and inflict my pathetic existence on an 
unsuspecting world.  this whole letter is like one premature 
orgasm.... sticky, and utterly pointless>

and I must have ~ASSHOLE~ stamped on my forehead <yes, as 
a matter of fact, you do> when I walk down the street to go 
to my every-other-day AA meeting <oh, we have a REAL winner here
>, the only time of day I can get out of my office into the 
sunlight, when I can really appreciate the women in this town, 
<yep, that's how I appreciate them -- I stare at their tits> 
because they look at me like I am a walking sex monster or I 
intimidate them so with my countenance that I can't even get an 
appreciative glance in my direction...because,<I stare at their 
tits, and> in spite of it all, I am actually good looking!!!...
<and I believe everything my mother tells me> I don't get it. 
<you don't get much> I must exude frustration. <and 
self-pity, and self-induced pathos, and stupidity, and masochism.... 
must we go on?>

I think my problem is that <i'm a dweeb> I WORSHIP WOMEN.  
<NO! Say it isn't so!>Yes , it is true.  Women, not the 
Universe, <not the fact that I can't find out what my belly 
button is for...> represent to me the ultimate mystery and 
enigma of life, and if I understood WOMAN, I would know 
everything. <maybe even basic english grammar>

But don't mistake my rant for self pity, <or whining?> 
because I <am a dweeb> actually had the chance to get laid 
last night with this girl I met recently, <that's why he 
meets girls - so he can get laid.  Yep. no reason WHY he should 
have any relationship troubles at all....> (and I might add i 
met her through a heartless act of my own. <bully for you> 
This other girl who seemingly likes me very much <especially
after her frontal lobotomy> ((but we don't talk about it... 
we are "just friends")) introduced me to her at an alt.coffee 
open mike night last week, and I called her the next day behind 
my  girl friends  back ... 
when she found out she threatened to kill herself!<Next on 
Geraldo: Psycho "friends" of Pathetic Dweebs> ... and I am not 
flattered in the least by her sacrifical posture toward my 
unreturned affections! but  she apparantly really likes me! 
<and THAT makes me feel SOOOOO worthwhile!>)   anyway, the 
point is <on my head> that here I am rolling on the couch 
with this strange girl <with green skin> who I thought I 
liked, and then I completely lost interest in doing the nasty.  
I let it fizzle out and she left at 4am, both of us wondering 
what happened. <Uh, I know!  I know!  Pick me teacher!  -- 
You lost your erection!>  When it finally comes to me<well, 
actually, NOTHING "came".... but we already knew that>, i 
can't enjoy it. <or "her", but then, you'd be personifying a 
fuck if  you did that...>  maybe because 
I am still <a dweeb!> married legally and...yes, you guessed 

my soon-to-be-ex wife isn't on line yet, but when she is, 
i'll give her your address! <Yes, please do. we'd love to talk 
to her>

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