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"Rules" Author files for Divorce

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And they say there's no good news...

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Woman who wrote 'The Rules' for a happy marriage files for divorce
By Philip Delves Broughton in New York

ONE of the authors of The Rules, the best-selling book of advice for women seeking a husband, is to divorce.

Ellen Fein made the announcement on the eve of her latest book Rules III - subtitled "Time-tested secrets for making your marriage work" - being released. Hundreds of advance copies have been sent out trumpeting the happy state of Ms Fein's marriage and that of her co-author, Sherri Schneider.

The publisher AOL Time Warner is now rushing out a new cover. The original said: "Ellen and Sherrie, two long-time married women themselves, know that just because you've married the man of your dreams doesn't mean your work has ended; good marriages don't happen by accident." It contains a chapter on divorce that claims: "It is easier to stay married than get married."

The original Rules, published in 1996, was a social phenomenon, earning the wrath of feminists. The book argued that modern women had to relearn the art of playing hard to get and suggested using egg-timers to limit conversations with suitors to 10 minutes.

If you were to just reduce substance from your conversation to an absolute minimum, that would eliminate the need for an egg-timer. *Ahem*

-"The Rules, IV"

Men should be put through a series of challenges to test both their gallantry and willingness to commit to a relationship. Women were advised to be neither too funny nor too clever, but to retain an air of mystery.

Sure. If I want to bored for the rest of my life.

Plastic surgery was suggested for those with unsightly noses.

And how about a boob job, as well? Men find that attractive. I'm sure a guy who falls in love with the long-haired, mysterious, prosthetic you would never trade you in for a younger model when the mystery wears off, or menopause kicks in.

How insulting is this to men, by the way, who are assumed to be the shallowest, most easily manipulated creatures imaginable?

The book's popularity soared when it was reported that Princess Diana had read it.

Oh, yeah. We all know, a happier marriage than Princess Di's, there wasn't.

As the authors toured the talk shows, they boasted of their own happy marriages. They claimed that a woman who followed The Rules "will have one of those made-in-heaven marriages. A Rules marriage is forever".

On the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1996, Ms Fein told a feminist critic whose first marriage had failed that, as a divorcee, she was in no position to pontificate.

I just love it when history bites pontificators in the ass, eviscerating their hindquarters with their own logic. Beautiful...*sniff*

In The Rules III, Ms Fein and Ms Schneider claim that for a marriage to succeed, women must be subservient to their husbands and not bother them with daily woes. They also recommend that wives grow their hair, as men find that more attractive.

Not attractive enough to keep a middle-aged pharmacist interested, apparently! (Hey, live by the sword, die by the sword...)

Ms Fein, 43, told her publishers earlier this year that she had filed for divorce from Paul Feingertz, a pharmacist to whom she had been married for 16 years, citing abandonment. She had hoped to rebuild her marriage.

I can't wait to read HIS book.


Read another biting article, Could we discuss this later, honey? - by Annie Kingston at the Nationa Post

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