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Why isnít Female Ejaculation taught in schools?

(Dec 3, 2007)

by Twisted Sister


If you had sex education at school Iím sure you were taught about male ejaculation. But Iíd be willing to bet that no-body even mentioned female ejaculation to you.

When I first had sex as a teenager I was surprised when I gushed clear liquid which made me feel amazing. My boyfriend was disgusted and thought I had wet myself. His horror affected me and made me think there was something wrong with me.

I have to say the majority of men that I have slept with thought it was cool and we happy to find what worked for me and made it happen (lord love each and every one of you!)

Some though, were disturbed or disgusted by it. They felt it was weird or wrong. I guess their 2ml ejaculation seemed puny in comparison. They were squeamish about the mess and they also thought it was urine Ė which I can state categorically it isnít.

It wasnít until I was 25 and read an article in a magazine about Tantric sex and found that people paid money to learn how to do this, that I discovered that it was perfectly normal and even desirable.

What I want to know is why are we so embarrassed about womenís sexual pleasure that this is just completely ignored during sex education? Why is it seen as something weird and kinky? Just to have known about it would have saved me a lot of anxiety and problems with my confidence and self image.

My wish is that we can Ďnormaliseí this so that female ejaculation is seen as the normal functioning of womenís bodies and not some weird add-on; that we can deal with the fact that women can and do enjoy sex and that women are able to talk about their ejaculation as comfortably as they do other aspects of sex.

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