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Feminism is Uncool? Does That Mean the Freedom You Enjoy is Uncool Too?


What makes me want to puke are people who've no knowledge of history and think that any mention of feminism makes one uncool, and assume that any older woman who treats the subject seriously is bitter or whatever. The acceptance of sexist stereotypes by girls means that they get to label themselves as special, and other, more independent women, as whiners, when it's the fighters who are protecting the rights they have no interest in. You may give up your rights, sweetie, but don't give up mine, too. And don't trust that men are going to continue to like your submissive, giggly little self once your tits start drooping. It's not like you've got a personality to make up for it.

I hate it how feminism and sex and issues of this type get short shrift and dismissive treatment. I hate it when I do on essay on something, I find that kids won't dare comment to my face, but will literally call me a bitch behind my back----and when challenged to quote me, directly, they weasel and whine out of it. I hate it that I can't find anyone to argue with, or at least anyone who knows that ad hominem attacks don't win a debate. I hate it that I keep running into kids who don't know---or care----what it was like for women just thirty years ago, when I was not allowed to wear pants to school, in mid-winter, or be a crossing guard, or when my mom got fired because she got pregnant. I hate it that the serious kids sprinkled amidst the ever-so-cool ones are too intimidated to speak up, because of the hateful ostracism they'll then experience.

Some of this is only tangentially related to women, but it hits us harder because we already start out with the unspoken, unacknowledged weight of sexism on our shoulders. I hate it when there's no disclosure before an argument. You're a guy whose brother was accused of rape, you're labelling all rape victims liars, and it took me five questions before you'd reveal that, gee, the victim dropped the charges because you and your brother harassed her till she gave up? Who's biased here or not? Oh, and the fact that it happened to you does not mean you can then extrapolate to all women. It's kind of hateful, don't you think? I mean, you wouldn't like it if I did the same thing to men, would you? Oh, wait, you think I do. Doesn't matter if I do or not---you want to know why I 'hate men.' Uh, yeah, thanks.

I hate it that people seem to think an opinion is the same as a fact. I hate it that people who are more educated than I seem to think that that education alone makes their argument good. I hate it when people get tired of a complex issue and decided to just give up---and blame the messenger who brought it to their attention. I hate it that people don't bother reading about sexism, and then whine that they're entitled to their opinions. Sure you are, pal, but until you educate yourself, it's not an informed opinion. I hate it when I ask for sources, the apparent standard of debate these days is to switch from it being a debate to it being an exchange of opinions.

That's just today's ranting.

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