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"Feminism Rant"

by "Daniel
(And brilliantly riffed by Mike)

(Mar 16, 2009)

Feminism really took hold over our society in the attempt to fight fascism. Women left the home and made bombs and bullets so men could blow each other away because they had a hard time getting women in Germany because they were unemployed.

So World War II was caused by losers like you not getting any, and as a result their collective moral sense was overwhelmed by frustrated hormones?!? And I as a man am supposed to *identify* with this? Speak for yourself, bub.

Or because they defended women...

No doubt a failing you'll never fall prey to.

who sat comparatively comfortably at home with the kids, while they risked their lives to save them. Now this does somewhat disregard world war 1, which men were at fault for...

Whereas women were at fault for World War II because they wouldn't put out. Uh-huh, I see, interesting. And how long have you had this fantasy?

and if you didn't join, women would send you a white feather to let you know you are a whimp and they hate you and you should go die for them...

Women, they getcha coming and going. Well, not always--they get this guy going a mile a minute, certainly, but I'm not sure about the "coming" part.

so in some ways, things haven t changed, just gotten more out of hand. Either way it shows the destructive force that massive ego's are in whichever gender their maniacal schemes eventuate.

Phew! A sentence that reeks of a small mind using words too big for it. To wit: That last word doesn't mean what he seems to think it means--if one may use that verb about him. He obviously meant to say "arise in, sprout from," and so on, the opposite of "eventuate." So their "maniacal schemes" eventuate in a "destructive force," and this "destructive force" is their "massive egos," which rather puts the cart before the horse, wouldn't you say? Surely he means that their "massive egos" hatch "manical schemes" that "eventuate in" "destructive forces," regardless of "whichever gender" they happen to be. Instead his words literally say that massive egos are a destructive force whose maniacal schemes...wait for it...eventuate in one gender or another. Mental halitosis that is, sheer mental halitosis.

The ultimate irony is that Feminism has become the more widespread and damaging 'ism' we have (with all due respect to those who suffered from Hitler is such indescribably horrible ways).

Um, sorry, all due respect to the people who suffered under Hitler would entail at the very least never trivializing their suffering by mentioning it in the same breath as your failed efforts to get some.

We can't do anything about it as subhuman males...

I'm glad to see you have at least taken the Delphine Injunction to heart.

and there is no country we can go fight or negotiate with to save ourselves (also we would have more hope negotiating with Hitler).

Dude, Hitler's head diplomat Ribbentrop was a failed champagne salesman. Frankly, I think you and he would get along famously--you seem ever so much alike!

While the super human females get everything they want, have sex with all the athletes and spend all the money on clothes and crap like that, beat us up and cheat on us and it's ok...

Damn, guy, show some self-respect. Or at least don't litter the ground with all these keys to your unseemly psychoses. Seriously, think about it: You make yourself out as a permanent victim, like someone killed in the Holocaust! Not only do you refuse even to admit the possibility that *you've* ever been at fault, which is very unlikely, but you paint all women you've been intimate with with the same brush, which tells us you either go for or attract only one narrow kind of woman--a very sick one. And instead of moving on, putting it behind you, and trying to change what it is that lands you in the same scalding soup each time, you audition for the next contestant on the latest reality-TV game show, "Show Us Your Wounds!" It's very popular these days, alas, because it resonates with our sickly Zeitgeist. I must admit though that your rant is a fit entry in the section of the show where each contestant scrapes off the scabs and pours ammonia on the gaping wound underneath.

and make it so the only acceptable man to have sex with some kind of narcissistic psychopath, because it's the only other (fascist asshole) person who acts like they are also superhuman and have no feelings.

Well, no feelings you can relate to anyway. That merely makes them human, however.

Until recently the women held society together through the family and taught morals to the children, so now this is gone goodbye society, nice knowing you, here read the ethical slut.

Nice evasion of responsibility: Men are equally responsible for teaching morals and holding society together. (And it seems to me that unless you have an idiosyncratic definition for "recently," you're blatantly contradicting yourself here: Now the women sending white feathers to men to call them cowards were actually holding society together through the family and teaching morals to their children.)

So the women reply whinge, whinge bloody whinge another whimpy male, not that I see them EVER doing anything that involves real gallantry or bravery (OK except mums, but is it OK to say that I really like them?).

Yeah, I'm sure you do. You sound like a man whose mother breast-fed him until middle age...his.

Heaps of ladies have wanted to date me...

I can see it now. One whispers to her friend, "What the hell age is *he* from? Iron, bronze, or stone?"

and never had the guts...

Her friend replies, "But think how dangerous it would be to get a tissue sample for analysis!"

and especially had a difficult time in their life and always resorted to hysterics, and again with the perfectly acceptable violence, it doesn't hurt that much physically, but you are never the same person again, that sucks.

As the drunk fumbles in his pocket yet more keys drop out cling-clang-cling on the sidewalk, so he staggers away from the lamppost, fumbles around futilely in the shadows, and curses the darkness.

Women like me and I remain single now for 4 years...

I guess they must not like you *that* much. They probably all just want to be friends with you--after all, they *say* so, so they *must* like you, right? Here's a hint: Women often say that as they back away slowly from a man who obviously doesn't like *them*.

because I don't want to be the Jew to their Nazi any more,

Okay, this is just sick.

I can do more, be better in so many ways, and with so much less shallowness and more humility and roar louder than all of them (My apologies here for this egoism, but it's only for the case in point).

Ah, such humility! "I'm a million times humbler than thou art!" (Thank you, Weird Al.) And all together now! "I am bubba/Hear me whinge/Like the creaking/Of my loose hinge..."

Just remember that in a lot of cases these women had a mum...

Snicker snicker. The rest must have just sprouted in the garden, I guess.

and their kids have a manky slut...

Sounds like a good name for a rock group, The Manky Sluts. Our contributor could start his own group in response, The Mangy Spuds.

so who will be whinging in the end?

He will, just as he already is. Second verse, same as the first.

The Women, you get older as time goes on you know?.

Mais ou sont les neiges d'antan?

Actually I'm constantly getting these single mums contacting me on Facebook already, looking for someone to look after them know that they have ruined their (and in some cases, my) lives....

Ah, things come into clearer focus: He relies on Facebook for human interaction. *Someone's* certainly ruined his life.

I completely disrespect you because you censor every comment like a Nazi .

Rather, we mercilessly *satirize* his kind like Marxists--Groucho and Company, that is. We're often as funny as they were, too.

So here's my HONEST opinion and I m going to post it all around the internet, go to hell.

The Internet's already full of the honest opinions of everybody and her sister, no matter how stupid, inbred, or vicious they are. It's a sewer that he wants to sit in and add to.

I just wish people will wake up and see the damage all around them and maybe get some damn sense and responsibility in to them...

Ah, come off it, it's not sense and responsibility you wish you were stuffing into them, now, is it?

instead of all being anorexic movie stars and driving the damn divorce rate up to 100% and giving another generation slim chances at being good people.

Yeah, the way things are going the next generation will end up like *him*!!!

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