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Fuck Pope Benedict

(Nov 5, 2007)

by Deanna A.


(This rant is inspired by a conference of Catholic pharmacists that took place on October 29, 2007.)

Fuck Pope Benedict for encouraging professional irresponsibility with his fucking "Oh, it's ok, you don't have to dispense contraceptives or anything like that" bullshit. Uh yeah, you do. It's called "serving the patient", you dickweed.

Fuck him for deigning to think that he can automatically deliver a free pass to a bunch of ignorant assholes who should get out of the fucking pharmaceutical business if they can't handle the fact that certain women actually want to have control over their own bodies.

Fuck him for continually buying into the whole misconception that contraceptives are equivalent to abortifacients (which was totally disproved BACK IN THE 1970S) -- or, the even worse option, for continuing to encourage the misleading and highly outdated misinformation campaign toward contraceptives that have led to countless lies being printed up in "official" Church publications.

Fuck him and the rest of the all-male higher echelons of the Catholic Church for thinking they can control what we women are allowed to do with our own fucking bodies, especially since all of them fucking contribute jack shit to the global overpopulation cause.

Fuck the Church for continuing to be a global embarrassment with this issue, from 1994's disgraceful and uneducated statements about birthrates and their correlation to economic prosperity in the UN's world birth control conference of that year, to today's stupid-ass conference, attended fervently by a bunch of short-dicked beta men who can easily be emasculated by the mere thought of a woman taking control of her own life's destiny.

Fuck the Church for thinking that abortion = the death of children and for clinging desperately to the whole idea of women giving birth as many times as possible, when abortion is in nearly every case the surgical removal of a parasitic-like fetus no bigger than the size of a tadpole. Fuck them for turning a blind eye to the fact that the higher a society's average birthrate, the lower the society is on the overall economic scale.

Fuck the Pope and the Church for not recognizing that women with complete control over the number of children they wish to bear are a valuable resource who improve their families, their communities, and their societies, by being able to be the primary steerers of their own destinies.

Fuck this whole bullshit thing. I ain't buying it, I hope every single Catholic woman out there doesn't buy into it, and I sure as hell hope this leads to a massive intrareligious revolution, or at least to a schism that hurts these jackoffs who wouldn't know the definition of "responsibility" if a huge Webster's Dictionary bit them in the ass.

Robert D. Kaplan said it best when he stated that a mentality that is truly "pro-life" values the quality of life over the quantity of it. Fuck yeah. If you're truly pro-life, you will want to make sure that everyone who is actually ALIVE, i.e. on this earth, has the best life they can possibly have, and stop being so fucking obsessed with the whole bullshit thing about preserving every "precious" embryo and zygote. Shit, it ain't all that precious, and God sure as hell isn't so limited as to not want every single one of his creations to actually be WANTED and CRAVED for. God is all-powerful. God will know when a fetus is wanted or not and will deliver a soul to one who's actually wanted.

And on a non-religious level -- you know when a "fetus" becomes a "baby"? When the woman DECIDES it.

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