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A Critique of the Gendermap Project


(The Gendermap Project is being conducted by the Mental Research Institute under the auspices of trying to understand human interactions by dividing the species into two distinct sets of behaviors based on gender.)

Sonia thinks it's a load of hooey.

The article from the MRI website is quoted directly here. Sonia's comments are in bold.

"In the 90's, diversity, including cultural, ethnic, generational and gender, has been an issue of a great deal of interest in academic, business and social circles. While exposure to cultural, ethnic and generation differences may be frequent or minimal, encounters with gender differences are inescapable."

As opposed to individual interpersonal differences?

"Whether the basis for gender differences is biological, environmental, or sociobiological, or a combination of these factors, is the focus of most societies, including the USA, there now appears to be agreement that men and women behave differently."

Anybody with half a brain might also notice that each human being behaves differently than every other human being.

"Gender differences, similar to cultural or ethnic differences, have overlapping curves though the extremes may be quite different."

But let's trash that observation in favor of recognizing only 2 types of people and create a McHumanity.

"The MRI Brief Therapy approach is to strive to understand the language, the values and the viewpoint of their clients,customers and colleagues."

And if we could make money normalizing racism we'd do that too.

"Using these principles, the Gendermap Project seeks to understand the differences in expressions, ideals, goals, meanings and values between men and women."

We don't care about the individual - that's too complex. Once we have everyone placed inside 2 neat little boxes we'll be happy. Those that don't fit can get these neat little DSM-IV diagnoses, like "Gender Identity Disorder" and be studied and reprogrammed like lab rats.

"The Gendermap Project aspires to determine the extent and type of gender differences and to train therapists, people in the business world, educators, and others to understand and deal creatively with the "Differences" between the genders without imposing value judgments."

But if someone is "Different" than other members of "their" gender than we get to judge and exclude all day long.

"We conceive that within each individual there exists an internal map which, consciously or unconsciously, guides us in our interactions with others, and with our interpretations of the actions and reactions of the people in the world around us. Gender values are one portion of our internal map."

Racism, black and white thinking, depression and negativism, paranoia, judging by appearances, phobias and other destructive perspectives are also part of our internal maps. But let's not think about that.

"This Gendermap determines how we view our own gender and how we interact with and decipher the actions of those from the opposite gender."

Classifying people into two categories and interacting with them based on that binary classification might be called a cognitive distortion, but in this case its just social science.

"The Gendermap Project has two objectives. The first is to document where gender differences and similarities exist in specific situations; for example, a personal interaction, a business interaction, conversation between peers or people of different status."

What about butch women and Drag Queens? What about their interactions? What the interaction between a feminine hetero woman and a feminine hetero man? A corporate dyke and a fembot?

"Interaction between those of the same gender vs. those of different genders will also be studied. To create awareness of our own internal Gendermap and the Gendermap of the other gender, written transcripts of a verbal interaction between a man and a woman, a man and a man, and a woman and a woman will be given to the subjects, or workshop participants. "


"The subjects will be asked to judge the behavior, actions and motivations of each participant in the interaction. Each participant will also asked to complete a brief demographic form. The ages, marital/relationship status and other demographics will be studied to extrapolate their influences or interactions with gender, on internal mapping."

And of course the subjects judging can safely be assumed to be representatives of their gender within those oh so detailed demographics.

"The second objective of the Gendermapping project is to use the research format in training programs. The training program will allow therapists or those in business sector to recognize how their own Gendermaps result in different views of the interactions with those of the opposite and same gender. After the project has completed pilot testing of the methodology, the protocol will be extended to other areas within the USA and to other countries."

Because it just wouldn't be right not to spread our idiocy around for everyone to revel in!

"Professionals from around the world have expressed interest in collaborating in their home countries. This will be a unique opportunity to determine if Gendermaps within the United States, west coast and east coast, agree with Gendermaps of many other cultures."

Right, and just like we only have 2 genders, we only have two US cultures: The east and west coast.


Sonia Arana
sex: female
gender: Heartless Bitch

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