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A Heartless Bitch Rant about Gen-X Whiners

Now not ALL Generation-Xers are whiners, but what really gets me is these ones who sit there blaming the date they were born for all their problems instead of getting their shit together:
Whine. whine. whine. "I whine can't get a job! whine - all the whine older folks have taken the whine good ones!" whine. whine. whine. "I can't get into univeristy. , the courses are all *full* ." (Never mind that they fucked-the-dog all during highschool and their grades are shit. Never mind that they left it till the last minute to apply... Never mind that they are not willing to look at other colleges, universities or institutions....)

By virtue of 3 years, I cannot be classified as a Gen-X member.

Thank God!

Yet somehow, this is supposed to mean that I am part of the "privileged" class - more jobs, more opportunites, etc.

Lemme give you folks a hard dose of REALITY. It took me a year to get into the college of choice - there was 1 position for every 5 applicants. I fought my way in. My parents had no money to help me. I couldn't get student loans. The year I started, the programme had 100% job placement on graduation. The Recession hit bigtime the year I graduated, and job placement was just 30%.

Now I hear people whining that there aren't jobs out there. There are TONS of jobs. You just have to be willing to work - AND be GOOD at what you do. I swear some of these people expect that the moment they graduate from some airy-fairy programme like "Art History", that the world is SUPPOSED to beat a path to their door, begging to hire them. Get a grip on reality. What's worse, some of them have ZERO work experience, and then complain that it's not fair for an employer to discriminate against them because they don't have any relevant background.

EXCUUUUUSE ME if an employer wants to invest in someone who has proven they are capable of doing more than some insular academic pencil-pushing. I have seen straight-A students who lack plain old common sense, and couldn't think their way out of a wet paper bag when it comes to real world problems.

To top it all off, I can't believe how many people graduate from university without the ability to COMMUNICATE in a comprehensible written or spoken manner! I'm not looking for literary geniuses, but if we CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOU, we can't work with you.

The other thing that gets me is these kids and adults who expect to start at the top (or at least the middle) the moment they graduate! I knew one guy who was graduating with a degree in Business and Commerce - he expected to get a $50K/year job on graduation....Yeah. right. (no. It didn't happen. As far as I know, he is still lifeguarding at the local swimming pool...)

I also have no use for hiring quotas. I want to be hired on my own merits. If some company has a bunch of sexist/racist old boys, I don't want to work for them. Sorry. No windmill-tilting or crusading for me. I'd rather go work for their more open-minded competition, and kick their butts in the market place, than try to change some archaic institution from the inside. I figure the best thing to do with dinosaurs is let them die out. A good company wants talented people who can do the job. I want to invest my time and energy in doing top-knotch work, not in fighting the establishment. It won't change the world overnight, but it WILL have a positive effect. People seem to forget that many SMALL changes add up to BIG results in the end... And I figure I'll earn more respect and recognition for women everywhere, by getting out there and producing quality results, than I would if I spent my time ranting about how everybody is picking on me...

To the "whining" Gen-Xers, I say this:

    Yeah. Recessionary times are tough. Deal with it. There's work. It might not be glamourous, but it will pay the bills, get you off the pogey, and earn you some respect. If you take courses or go to college - be aware of what will have relevance in the job market and what won't. Be realistic about your own abilities. Yeah, "Underwater basket weaving" might be REALLY interesting, but if the net result is 4 years of accumulated debt, and no job prospects - don't go blaming anyone else for the choices you made.

    Quit abdicating responsibility for your own life - and get on with it!

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