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Get Fixed, Boys!

(Dec 3, 2007)

by Ronald Chmara


By fixed, I don't mean further emasculated and destroyed by the women and men who raped, abused, and molested you, or who otherwise hurt you.

I mean grow the fuck up.

Get therapy, go drumming in the woods, hike the himalayas, do whatever the hell you need to do to stop extracting your current lifetime of shame, or hatred, or violence, or other major malfunction, upon women because *your* childhood sucked.

(For those about to be shocked, this is how I grew up)

Yeah, mommy didn't love me, and threatened to cut off my testicles in the middle of the night. I still remember the knife she held to my balls. So what.

Yeah, mommy beat me daily, sent me to school covered in goat and chicken shit. So what.

Yeah, the school district got involved, once they saw I was starving for nutrition. Why should I care to let this continue to affect me? Be a normal adult.

You survived. I survived.

Get therapy. Drumming, Whatever.

Stop the goddamn cycle.

No, really. STOP THIS. It's insane. There is simply NO EXCUSE for taking your shit out on others.

Learn that your anger at her/him is not about women/men, it's about "your first woman/man" ideal, and does not represent them all.

Learn that women are as freaked up, and fucked up, as men, and insanity knows no gender lines.

Learn that men, and women, may have brutal, emotional, violent rants on message boards, directed at sex, or gender, that have *nothing* to do with you as a person.

Learn to find peace with having your own anger.

Learn to feel healthy and good again, rather than suppress.

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