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FAQ for GirlFriend 9.x

(by David Schlinkert)

1. I recently upgraded from GirlFriend 8.0 (with sUpErwOmAn) to GirlFriend 9.0; how do I get the Cooking module to work?

Check to see if JOB=YES in the .INI file. If so, Cooking and several other features will only work intermittently. The sUpErwOmAn function in GirlFriend 8.x was experimental and proved to be non-viable. It has been removed from GirlFriend 9.x.

2. Can I get a version of GirlFriend 9.0 without the ex-TSR?

Due to the increasingly short product cycle of GirlFriend, it is unlikely that any version of GirlFriend 9.x will not have one or more ex-TSRs. The ex-TSR functions, although of no use to GirlFriend 9.0 or the user, cannot be removed. We recommend that you determine what hot keys trigger the ex-TSR and avoid them.

3. When I purchased GirlFriend 9.0, I was assured that the Kids function was interval driven. It now looks like Kids is on all of the time; how do I return it to the intermittent mode?

Any version of GirlFriend with an active Kids module will also have an ex-TSR. The operating mode of ex-TSR impacts the latency of Kids. Ex-TSR is not user-friendly or predictable. The interaction of ex-TSR and Kids is complex and dangerous to attempt to adjust. Try Kids -> Vacation -> Plane -> Grandmother as a temporary measure.

4. Will upgrading GirlFriend 9.0 to Wife 9.0 improve the performance of the Cooking and Cleaning modules?

Only if there are sufficient system resources to allow setting JOB=NO in the .INI file.

5. I upgraded to Wife 9.0, added a dual-processor and set JOB=NO, but Cooking and Cleaning still do not work.

Check the installation history of GirlFriend 8.x. Many of these were originally installed with JOB=YES and never had the Cooking and Cleaning modules loaded. This configuration will carry-over to any upgrade to Wife 9.0. Trying to retrofit at this time probably won't work.

6. I installed your HIGHLY recommended and HEAVILY marketed NiceGuy product. Not only did it NOT improve the performance of GirlFriend, GirlFriend uninstalled and I cannot re-install! W. T. F. ?!

First, NiceGuy is freeware, NOT our product; second, you can't believe everything you read on the Internet. We have never gotten GirlFriend to install or run with NiceGuy. We have NO idea who keeps pushing NiceGuy (it's not like they are making money off of it!). Wife runs well with NiceGuy, but the installation must be done on a clean system. We have expended a great deal of time and effort trying to get GirlFriend to be compatible with NiceGuy. Remove NiceGuy if you ever want GirlFriend to install.

7. Why is the WYSIWYG for Wife 9.0 so different from GirlFriend 9.0? Wife 9.0 runs in the TrueColors mode, GirlFriend uses overlay and BestGuess modes. GirlFriend 9.x performs all maintenance in the background, Wife 9.0 tends to runs these functions in foreground. 8. I am experiencing a 'droop' condition after upgrading GirlFriend 9.0 to Wife 9.0. What can I do?

You have to continue system interface maintenance after Wife 9.0 is installed. Otherwise reduced system capacity and flagging performance leads to a degradation of the Wife 9.0 and a system droop condition. Specifically, check your FAT table. Values over 25% can lead to degraded performance and droop conditions as you have described.

9. I really like NiceGuy. It is very easy to use, well organized, does exactly what it says it does and has proven to be totally reliable; but I can't get GirlFriend to install.

"Unofficially" you can get GirlFriend to install, even with NiceGuy running by installing Lies, RoMaNcE, Jerk or a similar program to interface during the install. These are not supported configurations, but reports from the field say Lies is the most flexible program of this type. Unfortunately, regardless of what you do, GirlFriend eventually discovers NiceGuy and uninstalls. We apologize of the inconvenience, but this incompatibility seems to be embedded in the microcode.

10. Wife 9.0 is causing a droop condition on my system. I KNOW the system is fine as Mistress 1.0 never causes this problem! I want a bug fix ASAP!

Many people blame their droop conditions on Wife 9.0, but our experience has been that it is mainly a system problem. Mistress 1.0 and related applications APPEAR to solve the droop condition; but believe us, this is temporary. By the same token, running Wife 9.0 and Mistress 1.0 on the same system is guaranteed to result in a massive system interrupt and the triggering of the Lawyer sub-routine, so Wife 9.0 will be un-installing soon. You have been warned!

11. I set JOB=NO, but it keeps reverting to YES: what causes this?

Some high performance versions of GirlFriend 9.x and Wife 9.x have CAREER hard coded to ON. Setting JOB=NO in these cases will result in erratic performance, abrupt changes in the interface and can crash the system. If CAREER=ON, do not attempt to change it or set JOB=NO. Install CleaningService, run Vacation frequently, and learn to live with it.

Reality Software Copyright 1999 Antares, Inc.

Copying or reproduction (in whole or in part) on any medium (such as in print or on the web) is expressly forbidden without written permission from HBI

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