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I Like Hate Girls Who Like Always Like Talk Like This!

(Feb 4, 2008)

by Kris C. 

Is anyone else sick and tired of this "LIKE" word??

I just CAN'T STAND it when I hear bitches talk and "like" is every other word that's coming out of their damn mouth. And I'm NOT referring to girls who are in their pre-teens or teenagers as the ones who do this. So-called WOMEN in their 20's and 30's are STILL talking in this manner as well. Is it just a bad habit they can't break or does talking this way seem "cool and fun" to them?

It's irritating as hell to me when I overhear a girl say something such as "I felt so like weird about like the whole like situation and I like didn't like know what to like do..." Do you realize how fucking nauseating and annoying that sounds?? You might as well include an equally immature and annoying phrase similar to "gag me with a spoon" when you talk. Seriously. It's THAT fucking irritating.

Personally, I could NEVER sit down and have a conversation with another woman who spoke this way (not without wanting to break her damn nose - and I probably WOULD end up doing it). Trying to carry on a conversation with someone who kept on spewing out that "like" word would drive me fucking insane. Imagine getting together for coffee or something with a friend or co-worker or ANYONE and having to listen to this:

"I was like so like bummed out when I like didn't hear from him after our date. I like thought we like had fun and I like really like thought he was like gonna call. I don't like wanna call him 'cause I like don't wanna like seem like pushy or be like all like weird about it..."

Fuck! If I were him, I wouldn't call your fucking ass either! You need to grow up and TALK in an "adult manner."

If you're someone who speaks similar to that example, trust me, you're fucking NAUSEATING. Go ahead and remove ALL the "like" words in the sentences in the example I gave you and read it again. See how they're NOT needed whatsoever?! Not even ONE of them.

I hear girls on some of those silly TV reality shows talk this way. I overhear conversations other girls are having when they're BOTH talking in this manner. The people I associate with certainly do NOT act imitate little valley girls or whatever you wanna call it and talk so immaturely. Just seeing this shit on TV and overhearing it is enough to make me wanna fucking scream and break some damn necks.

Newsflash: The word "like" is a VERB. You might "like" chocolate or a particular movie. Saying "I like this or that" is how you're SUPPOSED to use the word "like." Overuse of this word, ESPECIALLY in the wrong context, is so fucking irritating. STOP IT!

If you're someone who tends to do this and talk this way, PLEASE get a tape recorder so you can record yourself and play it back later. MAYBE after you hear how nauseating the way you talk is, you'll get the motivation to eliminate that word from your fucking vocabulary. If you actually think there's nothing irritating about speaking in such a damn immature, childish and annoying manner then PLEASE just keep your distance from me. Otherwise, I can't promise you that I won't remove your tongue in some way to prevent you from spewing that word over and over again. Yeah, you fucking heard me. I might just like take that like tongue of yours and like cut it out of your like mouth so you like can't like keep on like talking like THAT!!!

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