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Hands OFF!

by Lizai

What exactly makes a set of boobs (or a body for that matter), "perfect?" You'd think someone whose boobs have been given that...ermÖ ďclassificationĒ would know. Well, I don't. I never will. Nor will I ever understand why anyone would want theirs to fit this societal standard; you see, when boobs are "perfect," it mysteriously becomes okay for them, and the body God put them on, to be open for all manner of comments and gawking, not to mention groping and touching without the owner's consent.

It fills me with a burning, incandescent rage when this stuff happens to me. How do people so seriously misjudge what is and isnít okay regarding someoneís body?Recently, I was at friendís party, just standing around, minding my own business, when suddenly I felt a finger poke me in the butt. Even supposing that thatís excusable (which it ISNíT, considering that the people I call my friends are supposed to have a better idea of what is and isnít okay with me) what definitely isnít okay is the fact that right after I told the perpetrator to stop it, someone else came up and touched me on the butt again.

This isnít funny. It isnít like teasing me about something silly because my anger amuses people (which I hate anyway, by-the-by). If I tell people that I do not want to be touched, they should not fucking touch me anymore. Hell, if I have never indicated in any way that I want to be touched, shouldnít it be assumed that I donít? What the hell is wrong with erring on the side of caution and RESPECT, anyway?

Iím sick of being objectified Ė as if the mind within my body doesnít even exist.I was born with these genes. I did not choose them, and I can help neither the fact that I have them nor the traits they have produced in me -- not that I would if I could.(My appearance does not ďcauseĒ people to act like asses. In the same way that women should not "dumb themselves down" to protect male egos, I shouldn't have to change appearance to avoid inappropriate touching.)I admit that I am proud of my curves, and I'm glad to have my D-cups no matter how inconvenient it is to have crumbs falling on them all the time. But do you know what else my genes created in me? A personality, complete with intelligence and a severe desire to kick some serious ASS the next time someone touches mine.

This is MY body, and I have COMPLETE CONTROL over who gets to touch it. Just because you tell me you think it's "perfect" (which, by the way, is a load of SHIT) does NOT make it public property or give you the right to cop a feel. I am NOT to be gawked at like some piece of meat.I do NOT want to hear your opinion of my body, public or otherwise, (or worse, rude remarks that Iím supposed to be flattered by), and I am NOT TO BE TOUCHED without my consent! I don't care if you're a guy, girl, both, or neither. I'm NOT merchandise. Keep your wandering hands the hell away from me.

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