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Ignorant People Shouldn't Write Articles On Sexism

(October 1, 2007)

By Laurie Roberts




In a recent issue of our school newspaper, there was an article entitled, "Reverse Sexism: Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?"


I just need to rant for a sec.


The principle argument made in the article was that the feminist wave has caused discrimination against men to rise. While it did raise some valid points, most of the article was shrouded in generalizations and personal opinions. First of all, the term "reverse sexism" is both redundant and meaningless. It implies that "sexism" means discrimination towards only women. Sexism is sexism regardless of the sex being discriminated against. The reverse of sexism would be equality.


"[W]hile it is acceptable for a female to write a paper on feminism, if a male defends his gender his is immediately accused of sexism and bigotry."


No, he's accused of sexism and bigotry if, by "defending his gender," he cuts down women, just how any educated feminist would never defend her point by insulting men. The idea that feminism and man hating go hand in hand is something people need to stop propagating. Defending your gender and defaming the other are two very different notions.


"Many women preach the idea of complete equality, meaning that males and females have the same responsibilities and should be treated the same way working side by side in the same environment. However, it seems that when these responsibilities may be inconvenient for them, women quickly support a more conditional equality."


This entire statement is one huge generalization. To say that women only want equality when it benefits them is just plain ignorant. And, ironically, sexist.


"Currently, there are just as many male stereotypes that men feel compelled to follow as there are for females."


Well, boo hoo for you. That doesn't make sexism towards women any less prevalent or serious, nor does it make your argument any stronger, since men are still the dominant gender in most societies. Yes, there definitely stereotypes that negatively affect men, but to use these as evidence that men are as oppressed as women and that feminism has taken their fight "too far" makes no sense. Just because men have problems doesnít women donít, too. And the problems men face do not undercut their power in our culture.


"For example, at a young age boys are discouraged from displaying emotions, from crying, and are encouraged to attain a sense of social dominance."


And which gender is the one pushing this stereotype on you poor, oppressed men? And why are boys discouraged from displaying emotion or crying? I mean, crying is something girls doÖoh, wait. Isnít it interesting that acting like a girl (or at least, the stereotypical girl) is something boys arenít supposed to do? Boys are taught to remain stoic and hold in their emotions because feelings are for the weaker sex, or so they say. Which is the "weaker sex"? Thatís right, women. Oh, and theyíre "encouraged to attain a sense of social dominance"? Really? You think? I guess that would explain all that sexism towards women, then.


"Also, it is always considered okay for a girl to hit a boy, yet boys are never allowed to retaliate."


Once again, boo hoo. I don't know where you grew up, but I was raised learning it's never okay to hit anyone of any gender. Ever. I got punished as severely for hitting a boy as the boy who hit me. And this is a stupid argument. You're trying to say that men are discriminated against because they're not allowed to hit girls? Right, because domestic violence in this country doesnít happen enough. Way to push the important issues.


"[M]any schools attempt to keep the female voice heard, often at the expense of men. For example, at a certain middle school, a school newsletter ran an excerpt titled "Why It's Fantastic to Be a Female." If it had been titled "Why It's Magnificent to Be a Male," a public outrage would have occurred and parents of girls would have screamed that the school was sexist."


Again, way to generalize. The "Female" article was printed because girls, especially at a middle school age, need empowerment. They are just reaching puberty, and are beginning to be exposed to the culture that tells them to act like a sex symbol and then calls them sluts for listening to society. They're being told they can be whatever they want when they grow up, and then find that they would make 75 cents to every man's dollar. Young girls need to be reminded that they can break past the limits laid down for them, and can brush past stereotypes that should have died in the 50s. That article was not a veiled attack at men. It was an empowering message for women, and men need to learn the difference.


"Women should stop using feminism as a way to gain a "one up" on the male gender, or they allow men to write the same sort of articles."


When we feminist actually have an opportunity to "one up" the male gender, we'll let you know. So far, you guys are still way in front of us in almost everything, and we're just trying to get a toehold in. We're not trying to gain a one up. We're trying to gain a 700 up, to the point where both men and women are equal.


"Females are quick to condemn males who hold opinions that may be against feminism or women, even if it may be a legitimate point."


Let me get this straight. You're saying it's not okay for women to be offended if men think things against WOMEN in general? And have opinions against equality? Fine. Have your opinions; it's free country. But don't get your panties in a twist when we WOMEN express our distaste for your ignorance.


"For many, it seems that women use their physical weakness and years of oppression as a lever against society to gain personal benefits."


And finally, the big WHAT THE FUCK?! First. "Women use their physical weakness." You're writing a paper on sexism, and you include this little nugget of idiocy. Second. We're using years of oppression to gain benefits. Well, gosh, HOW DARE US? There's obviously nothing to learn from those years of oppression, and any attempt by us women to actually gain rights, is apparently seen as a "lever against society"?Heaven forefend we should actually BENEFIT from earning a fair wage. Forgive us, you all-powerful male. Please validate our existence again; we apologize for deigning to break down the sexist barriers men built up in the first place.


If you need me, Iíll be in the science lab, leveraging my "physical weakness" (aka intelligence) to figuratively kick some pathetic male asses.

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