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I Passed for Hotgirl: A Man Watches the Comers-on

by James Stockford

There's yet another internet phenomenon called IRC, short for Internet Relay Chat, that's been around for a few years.

IRC needs a computer to be a server and some clients who talk to each other via the server.

The server computer hosts some server software that is (or should be) called a reflector.

People get IRC client software for their own computers and presto: everybody can chat with anybody through whichever reflector they're connected, typing messages back and forth in real time.

Then, along comes CU-See-Me, (software that lets people attach a camera to their computers), and presto again: internet video, letting people send live videos back and forth in real time.

Faster than you can say "big bang", we've got internet flashers. Guys (mostly) sitting in front of their cameras in their bathrobes, waiting for DC (Direct Connect) with others.

Disgusting, you say? Well, a lot of people love it, most prominently single men (HNG), of course, but there are plenty of women and couples, too. Hey, it's a big world.

Naturally, there's a lot of non-sexual stuff, but the issue of sex is hilarious, as HBs have found out, especially in taking down the pants of the overly self-centered and pointing and laughing, figuratively speaking.

So each "reflector" (computer hosting an interchange between a dozen or so) takes on a mediating quality: do you exceed the socialization threshold to send videos back and forth to others? A reflector specializing in sexual interchange is particularly targeted by single men. Naturally, there's a huge number of this group that ruins things for the rest of us, giving the entire group a bad name. The operator of a sexually-oriented reflector has work to do (there's a hierarchy: couples, single women with cameras, single men with cameras, moss and lichen, pond scum, inanimate objects and minerals, then single men without cameras -- gee, a single man without a camera wants to get transmissions from a woman online with a camera, hmmm).

One man, motivated to reduce the spam factor, set himself up, complete with "babe" photo, with a woman's identity, "hotgirl." You'd think that a moniker like that would be an obvious tip-off, but noooooo, there are some people that steadfastly refuse to use even the most basic principles of common sense.

"Hotgirl" was careful not to solicit (entrap): He just logged on and waited for others' approaches, which came in droves.

He recorded the come-ons of those whose interests were, let's say "primal and unconsidered", and has posted them on the pages listed below.

It's great reading! He's recorded the overtures along with his "in character" responses (a good HB, he) and best of all: his private thoughts, exactly what you'd expect of an intelligent woman walking through a construction zone.

Hysterical in places, great laughs in general, I loved it!

Check out the accounts of his exploits - something that may warm the chilly heart-cavities of Heartless Bitches everywhere:

The HotGirl Site


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