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His Ego Writes Cheques His Personality Can't Cash...

Yet another email from a knuckle-dragger who has delusions of walking upright...

From: HuskerDHP@aol.com
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 21:27:39 -0500 (EST)
To: nataliep@heartless-bitches.com
Subject: letting my fingers do the talking

Well, although you seem heartless, it is hard to take you seriously. You all talk a pretty big game with your incessant cuss words mixed with pathetic cliches, but I've never heard of your little group before I happened to stumble upon it today. Women normally cut on men for trying to be something they are not. Acting like bad asses, talking a big game full of hot air, and being insensitive to others. But your web site is just a mirror image of all three of these supposed downfalls of men. You should take the time to actually read some of the crap you have on your site. It's easy to sit down like I am right now and have the time to put together the words you want to say, exactly as you would like them to be heard. But, little bitches, I can guarantee you if you ran into me someplace, whether public or private, the first words you utter would be your last. No, I wouldn't get violent with a woman (I still don't think that is right), but you would leave in your place, for that is where I would put you. So, for now, have you fun wearing your little t-shirts and writing on your little web site, because it won't get you anywhere with me, and, frankly, I could really give a shit about any of you. It's a heartless world, I agree with you on that point. But, it is a heartless man's world, I hate to break this little fact to you. So, all of you so-called heartless bitches, go home, take a nice hot bath, read a good book by the fire, then go in you little bedrooms and masterbate to your life sized pictures of Hillary Clinton and pray to God that you never meet me, or a man like me, because you can't and won't win. Mark my words. Oh, and by the way, have a wonderful day.

"Man amongst boys"

Tavia responds.....

Oh my VERY goodness. Looks like SOMEbody's been smelling himself, now doesn't it? Perhaps youngbuns has overindulged a bit at the seduction.com site?

Behold the profile:

Screen Name:    HuskerDHP
Member Name:    DON MEYER
Location:       Omaha NE
Birthdate:      1/16/74
Sex:            Male
Marital Status: Single, and loving it
Computers:      Acer (junk)
Hobbies:        Baseball, Golf, Beer
Occupation:     Title Searcher
Personal Quote: If God created all men equal, how 
come I'm so much better looking than the rest?

o/~ Oh Donny Boy . . . It seems--you're quite--de-lu-sionaaaal . . . o/~

All of twenty-three, and already a well-entrenched Master of the Universe. I didn't know they MADE philistines that small.

How very magnanimous of him to "still believe" that it's wrong to hit women. He's so GENerous, and yet so MANly and asSERtive, it just makes me feel so . . .
so WARM and DELicate and FEMinine!


Oh honey, please. Trust me when I tell you--you can't EVEN begin to count the reasons why I'M grateful I don't frigging know you. Just like you can't begin to count the reasons why YOU should be down on your rusty, bigoted KNEES even as we speak, thanking GOD for the fact that YOU haven't crossed MY no-patience-for-idjits-wid-swollen-for-NO-reason-heads-and-liddle-tiny-raisin-balls path! Go on, keep letting your fingers do the talking; I'm willing to bet that that's probably a lot more sanitary than letting your mouth do it (no telling where fingers OR mouth have been, I know, though I can guess--you SURE you still got all your ribs, babe?--but I bet even YOU'VE washed your hands at least once since the last time your needs-it-bad mouth got washed out with soap), and I've got a wonderful hardwood doorjamb right here with your name on it.


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