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To: Fong Min Hun <minhun@pl.jaring.my>
From: nataliep@heartless-bitches.com
Subject: Re: Fine

>Bitch it seems, have now been changed from derogatory term to
>a merit like badge which some people proudly strut down the
>road with. And of course, I don't get this. Who can?

It's call "irony" honey. Look it up in a dictionary.

>We call a bitch, a bitch, and we get a blow on the face. On
>the other hand, those whom are not bitches, are undyingly trying
>to win the label for themselves therefore making themselves a
>bitch in the process.
>Congratulations. You've succeeded in the impossible.

Congratulations, you win our "Patronizing Idiot of the Week"

>Now, from almost what I've read, bitches don't want a male
>partner or to have a relationship. They want a slave. This is not
>about survival. This is not about equality.

You have obviously been reading your own interpretation into things,
whilst applying your humor deficit to the misapplication.

I guess you misinterpreted the fact that HBs don't NEED a partner,
to mean that they don't WANT one.

Read more closely, and you will see that what MOST HB's want
(the heterosexual ones, anyways) is a male partner that doesn't act
like a child or a controlling parent. She wants someone who thinks,
acts and participates equally in a relationship, and doesn't expect
HER to mold to HIS expectations of how a woman should act, think,
or speak.

>This is about female superiority. And I'm sure that all of you
>think that the female is superior to the male.

*sigh* Hyperbole is the sword of the ignorant.

>I personally do not enjoy the presence of a bitch. However,
>I don't think that I *flaunt* any of my masculinity either.
>I don't act superior,

except in this letter....

>I don't give out mushy poems and love songs, and I don't think
>that I'm terrific in bed. There are a few things I believe that
>men should not do unto women. You say chivalry is dead but who
>killed it? Are we all wusses when we believe that a woman should
>be treated with politeness?

I think that any man who believes that women should be treated with
extra care and "politeness" is deluding himself into thinking he is
a great guy. His lack of equality in the treatment of human beings
belies a person who is likely PATRONIZING and BELITTLING. But of
course, HE sees it as being "polite" and caring, and chivalrous:
"Don't you worry your pretty little head about that. I'LL take
care of it."

And what is even worse, is the number of people who seem to think
that the only -appropriate- way for a woman to respond to someone
who is being RUDE to her, is to be polite and non-confrontational.
2 world wars proved that appeasement doesn't work, but women are
continually expected to smile politely and bite their tongues.

We don't want chivalry. We want human decency and respect.

>Bitches it seems enjoy maltreating the male sex.

We only enjoy maltreating the stupid ones...

>I definitely do not believe that men should maltreat women.
>Nor is the woman just for "recreational" purposes. But with
>all accounted for, I am still but a man. And I believe that
>women should be treated equally in most aspects of life

most, but not ALL?

>but when it comes to courtesy, I think we should dish out more.

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"

-George Orwell, "Animal Farm"

Why should you dish out more courtesy to women than men?
Don't MEN deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect?
Is it because women are more fragile creatures and require special
"handling"? Is it because they are poor tender things that need
extra care? I guess they can't really look after themselves very
well if they need to be treated differently, eh?


I have had people be VERY polite to me. It doesn't mean they
treated me with respect.

Given your belief that women should be treated with greater
deference than men, do you also believe they shouldn't be subjected
to the kind of straight talk that happens in the upper eschelons
of business and industry?


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