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JadeSyren (our Ruthless, Heartless BitchBouncer), Responds to "Fan" Mail

Subject: Female Flame form : Andrea

[Have I seen you around? Your whining sounds familiar.]

[I love this section of the form.]

Name: Andrea

monsters: Haley

shoesize: 3

MyBossMakes: 0000

AsIf: UT

copout: 10

indoctrinated: Baptist

priss: on

IAmALoser: on

[And Showtime:]

COMMENTS: I would just like to know what exactly is wrong with staying at home with your children?

[Me too.]

Maybe I have missed something on this site, but


the majority of comments I see on here, including memebers, is that they are "too strong" of a woman to be confined to Suburbia life raising kids.

[Those are their feelings. The great thing about Heartless Bitches is that there isn't a party line. People of all different backgrounds, all different persuasions, can find (or make) a niche here.]

Does it make you people less strong to bring up children in this world?

[If you're indicative of stay-at-home-moms, I can see why they aren't a majority here. The truth, Andrea, is that you have no idea how many members are over 50, or under 15. You don't know how many nurses, doctors, or felons we have. You don't know which of our members scuba-dive. Not every member chooses to define herself by her crotch, or the fruits of her crotch. I feel that women who DO this are pretty uninteresting people. Yes, it's nice to hear about your family IF it's relevant or funny or even interesting. I'm talking to YOU because I want to talk to YOU, not the kids, not the family, not the dog.]

My view is that a woman should be proud of her choices no matter what path she decides to leave. If you want to be successful in your own business, then more power to you. If you love working a 9-5 everyday,

[I think I've said this myself, so, YES, YOU have missed something.]

then great. If you have made the choice to leave your career to stay at home with your children, there is nothing wrong with that either. It is all about peronal choices. Not all stay at home moms are there because their domineering husband insists upon it.

[Where are you getting this shitpile? Probably from that high horse you're on.]

I had a great career. I worked my way through college and to the top. It was wonderful to feel the rush of accomplishment and success. I have been there and I have done that. When I decided to stay home, it was my choice. It was not because I was afraid to try. It was because I wanted to be the one to raise my child, not an institutionalized daycare. Yes, I do have the luxury of not being a single mother. I have a wonderful husband that I love.

[Yadda, yadda, yadda. There would almost have to be a husband in the picture, if you're a stay-at-home mom. See why you don't see a lot of this?]

He supports any decision that is important to me. If

[He's SUPPOSED to. This is not newsbreaking.]

he did not, then we would not have a lasting relationship. I know there are single parents that must send their children into someone elses care and their are women that prefer to work. To each her own. However, a

[There are women who HAVE to work. Are you sure that we haven't spoken?]

large percentage of stay at home mothers make their own choice in life to stay home and raise their children. It boggles me why they are all stereotyped into SUV driving, cookie making, PTA raffle selling soccer moms that wish they had a better life.

[That boggles me, too. Maybe this is a better stereotype of the stay-at-home mom who defines herself in this way, and only in this way.]

A womans choice is a womans choice. I have yet to see even one stay at home mom make it on the members list. I am sure there have been comments

[How would you know? The interesting ones don't advertise.]

by these women that blow away some of the streotypical "I'm childfree, worked my way up the ladder and proud" comments that were not so good at all.

[Well, if you're going to be sour-grape-y about it, it's probably correct that I bounced you.]

It's wonderful to be childfree if that is your choice! It also wonderful to have and raise children. This website is supposed to be about strong women who have their own thought and opinions, or so I thought.

[It doesn't seem to me that you do much thinking. You're too busy being offended.]

It seems to me however, this site is a little biased. Maybe I am only stay at home mom that has written here not trying to cram my lifestlye down every other womans throat.

[Hello? No, that's why you can't tell which ones ARE stay-at-home moms. They feel that their personal life is THEIR business.]

This lifestyle is not for all.
However, that doesn't make me weak.

[No, being a stay-at-home mom doesn't make you weak. Being an easily offended idiot who doesn't check her facts makes you weak.]

I am still the same strong individual
I have always been, staying at home or not.

[If it gets you through the night.]

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