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Kevin's Dating Dictates to non-Heartless Bitches


In the interests of educating those who aren't Heartless Bitches in the arcane art of dealing with men, here are some things that women can do without having to resort to physical combat. ( I suppose this would work the other way around )

  1. If you aren't interested, don't hint ,and don't tease. Consider the act of rapidly shooting down a would-be suitor as a mercy killing. It is less painful for BOTH the man and the woman.

  2. If a someone asks you "What do you want to do?" or "What do you think?" Give an answer besides "I don't know." At least TRY to use that grey matter in your skull. Saying "It really doesn't matter to me" or "I haven't thought about it, give me a second" indicates that you are at least somewhat interested in what's going on.

  3. If someone says "I have plans", don't feel that you have to ask what they are. If they wanted you to know, they would have told you.

  4. Although you may consider your life story to be worthy of a mini-series, understand that your would-be mate might not be as fascinated with your life as you are.

  5. Love between two people takes time and more than a little effort. "Butterflies" or "That special feeling" is NOT the same thing as love. It may be fun sometimes, and a lot of relationships start that way, but it is definitely NOT love.

  6. If the object of your lust isn't feeling quite the same way about you, don't get mad and don't take it personally. Acknowledge and get on with your life. It sounds harder than it is.

  7. Finally, if you feel the need to resort to physical violence, understand that the person you hit might be able to hit you back. Don't start something you can't finish.

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