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Subject: all you beeches 
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You all have been Beeches since puberty and us guys still seem to marry and 
support you's.I guess we like kids to,or do you's.

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To: "Scott Fisher" <fishnetr@msn.com>
From:  "The Heartless Bitch" <nataliep@heartless-bitches.com>

>You all have been Beeches since puberty and us guys still seem to marry and 
>support you's.I guess we like kids to,or do you's.

Yeah, and most of us have been able to write comprehensibly since puberty too.

Half the reason we are Heartless Bitches is that so many of you guys NEVER
GOT OUT OF PUBERTY.  We are sick and tired of men who are looking for another
mother, and act like they are still 12 years old!

And as for "support" - this bitch carries her own.  I don't need some 
contractual obligation to a testosterone-laden, imbecilic male to make 
my way in the world.  


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