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Thought for the Day:
A wise man learns from his mistakes; A wise woman learns from somebody else's.

This precious nugget I cannot take credit for ... It was passed along to me, and I take every opportunity to pass it along to all who might have use of it. Even men, for it can be said that, "A wise man learns from his mistakes, but a smart man learns from someone else's".

I was reading excerpts from your page re: vomitoriously ill from dealing with men and women who are emotional children, and this passage, this "genderless truth" kept ringing in my ears.

As time passes I find myself increasingly interested in the "universal truths" of eugenics, as I reach for an extra helping of naproxym sodium with an H2O chaser and fantasize the demise through de-breeding of persons incapable of coming to grips with their own contributions to their own miserable state of their life's affairs. It's called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, and for your latin readers and recovering Catholics, MEA CULPA.

I carry this little mental nut-cracker around in my psyche and wrap it around the heads of those poignantly brilliant observists who feel the need to verbally note that MY life seems to be free of the basic problematic situations that their life seems to be riddled with. I used to carry a "mental baseball bat", but found it to be hollow over-kill -- splitting heads open that were nothing more than empty shells.

Perhaps ...HMMMM, ...I think... just MAYYYBEEE I don't have your problems because when I see the metaphorical chasm filled with serpents in the middle of life's path, I take the damned bridge, and where there isn't a bridge or it's washed out, I build one. MAYYYBEEE it's because my internal "snake-o-meter" is permanently switched into the "on" position, unlike yours, where you routinely find yourself awakened next to something hissing with a small forked black tounge stuck in your ear ... a condition that causes "selective deafness".

Alas, however, these are merely thoughts, and little bits of sound waves reverberating through empty space as they seldom resonate within the brain cavities of these "empty shelled types" ... who then proceed to layer their own discomfort in life as they try to grasp their misfortunes through some twisted filter labelled: "If I had your luck". Headline: IT'S NOT LUCK, IT'S PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY COUPLED WITH MAKING THE TOUGH DECISIONS.

"Yes, the quality of the problems in My life ARE superior to yours", I think, and reach for another "Alleve".

I have a friend, ( for lack of a better term, perhaps UMfriend would be better), like as in "This is my "UM ... friend). She had three children by men who have a total of eight children by assorted women, none of these children do they support financially nor take any responsibility in rearing. Smart ... pick a guy who has kids he doesn't take care of, (a lot of kids), and then proceed to have MORE kids with him while assuming that "things will be different this time". Following that divorce, she IMMEDIATELY meets another guy, (one who lives in another state I might add), gets pregnant, and two days before the birth actually marries him. He ALSO has several other children whom he doesn't support, living in "other states", and she was well aware of this little factoid. The new arrrival was two months old when the new husband was "expressing doubts" regarding the marriage and finding reasons to "relocate again". The UMfriend was actually SURPRISED BY THIS.

I just realized there isn't enough headache medication in the world, short of coma inducing doses of morphine, to subdue the swelling and throbbing in my cranium pondering the enormity of the implications of her behaviors. I say enormity because sadly, she is so damned typical of the average woman, and some would even call her "liberated" or "successful" or "dynamic" because of her work and even status in her position. This woman actually has power over other peoples' lives and living circumstances in political circles.

Gag ... cry ... shudder. This is someone people point to with envy and turn to for advice.

Total worldwide nuclear demise of the entire population somehow doesn't seem that bad you know, -- Not when you consider the evolutionary path that humanity seems to have veered onto. Death would be a small price to pay for the surity that these types would cease breeding and nurturing generations anew of self-deluding crackers-for-brains little people who have no greater hopes than the legacy of the cycle of "why-me".

Water seeks its own level and it is my only comfort knowing that these types will most certainly gravitate towards each other for potential mates, as I and sit back and pray for the eventual mutation of the ultimate sexually-transmitted viral timebomb that only targets persons genetically predisposed to stupidity and mental instability. Meanwhile I suffer the truth that these people are the ones most likely to breed and least likely to make sound choices regarding procreation and the duty and awesome responsibility of repopulating the earth.

A small tear formed in my eye the day I found this web-site --probably from being stricken with a bright and rarely seen light of reason. Your web-site could very well reduce the amounts of over-the-counter headache relief tablets I consume, and send some pharmaceutical stocks plummeting. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU, for your fabulous forum.

Amen (it seems a fitting close)

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