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Nice Guys = BLEAH!
Nice Guys we can do without

The Myth Of The Sensitive New Age Nice Guy

Fact, fantasy, or just another asshole
in a different clown suit?
by a woman who "is not bitter"

	The sensitive new age nice guy, 
	generally wears his hair in a ponytail,
	and is in touch with that side of himself 
	he thinks of as female.
	Although he says he wears no armor,
	he wears his issues on his chest;
	and so to have conversation with him,
	you must get through
	that invisible chain mail vest.
	He reads an awful lot, about what women want, 
	in fact -he reads too much.
	(I heard one quoting pages once, 
	and couldn't swallow my lunch.)
	Where he gathers all his information,
	has left him with a rather stunted imagination
	he's an impossibly boring new age creation
	completely incapable of cerebral masturbation.
	But he is a master of doormat manipulation
	Some might say I'm being a little rough, 
	after all he's just trying to be kind,
	a gentle, sensitive, understanding, sweet man 
	is really a good find.

	A genuinely caring man, 
	Well, of course there is nothing wrong with that, 
	It's just the lines falling from his mouth 
	come out sounding.....
			really flat.
	He's having a hard time with his identity,
	he talks about his different boundaries
	he never yells, always says please,
	and around him all you feel
	is guilty,

	Now as much as I'd hate to hear: 
	"Hey baby what's your sign",
	it's no more entertaining than 
	a self help book quoted line for line.

	He likes to cook, he likes to clean,
	he has a very low self esteem.
	He finds it difficult to be prince charming
	But I'm not Cinderella, honey, 
	and the prince is so dull it's alarming.

	He doesn't understand why
	women don't like "the too nice guy"
	overlooking of course, what the "too" might imply.
	In fact it's one of his most annoying traits, 
	besides "The Joy Of Sex" quotes he makes.
	Almost as bad as the "I'm a lesbian in a man's body" fakes.
	He'll just never understand exactly what it takes.
	"Touch yourself and show me how you like it done"
	"I'm not hurting you now am I hon.?"
	(Some new age nice guy sex-therapist-with-a-book 
	is the real guilty one!)

	Now, caring about how your partner is feeling
	Is definitely an idea that is very appealing,
	yet if this is what a woman is screaming:
	( While ripping off your clothes)	
	"Oh Yes! do it! Fuck me now!"
	simply shut up sweetheart, and do what you are told.
	He finds with women he better relates,
	and yet somehow he rarely dates.
	He says he understands women's issues,
	he also knows what it's like to be used.
	He cries at soppy movies so you'd better have some tissues.
	He knows EXACTLY how you feel
	( he secretly reads Daniel Steel)
	And though he'll never pass a watermelon through his rump,
	nor does he bloat during that time of the month,
	he has noticed that on a regular schedule 
	he gets into a grump!

	He's secure in his masculinity,
	so he's not threatened by a dominant personality.
	He's attracted to women who come off assertively,
	and since he can't make a decision for himself 
	it works out perfectly least theoretically.

	He's supportive of your sarcastic angstful poetry,
	but, even so, he just won't find it very funny.
	He'll point out the spelling mistakes rather promptly,
	but not because on his ego you just went 



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