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Let's talk about revenge, shall we?

My personal motto is: Don't get even, get ON.

By this I mean: get on with your life, don't waste your time nursing the anger that gives you the energy to plot revenge.

If you're a young woman just discovering how fucking stupid men are, you are bound to be feeling a shitload of anger at the little morons. Or if you're an older woman just waking up to the fact, you're also bound to be more than a little pissed and just wishing you could do a Lorena Bobbitt on the fools.

I've been there, believe me.

I acknowledge the existence of the desire for revenge as part of human nature. I no longer recognize its power.

It was a man who first taught me that the desire for revenge is really granting power to the cause of your anger. As long as you keep nursing the anger that makes revenge possible, you are acknowledging the power of whoever or whatever it was that made you angry in the first place. That cause still has a place in your psyche and the energy you devote to it could be better used for the furtherance of your own interests.

This information was given to me in my early 20s, but it is only now, in my late 40s, that I have finally really learned the lesson. This is not to say that the stupid things men do no longer make me angry. But not as often and not for so long that I need even think about revenge.

I trust no one's going to say, "that's easy for YOU to say". I believe I mentioned that it was a span of 20 odd years before I really learned this? Experience is always the best teacher. If we learn from our mistakes, then I'm smart now because I was so fucking stupid along the way.

I don't waste my time on men who piss me off enough for me to want revenge. I've learned to weed out the vermin. I have better things to do with my life than waste my time on worthless men.

I know this might piss some of y'all off, but: you might ask yourselves just what mistakes YOU made (whether from ignorance or stupidity) in getting mixed up with whatever scum-sucking pig you did. If you can't get past your own ego and admit what mistakes might be yours, then you'll never be any better than the vermin who piss you off so much. We are no bigger than the things that annoy us. Or, if it's not even involvement, if it's just the stupid, slavering way some of them behave, then learn the art of the put-down or become the kind of person men don't wanna fuck with. It can be done. I know whereof I speak.

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