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No, You Don't Make Me Horny, Baby

By Karen

Never in my life have I seen such PRESSURE put upon women TO BE HORNY ALL THE GODDAMN TIME. Some may find this call for a female horndog nation empowering, but I see it as yet another example of a third party TRYING TO CONTROL MY SEXUALITY.

Possible viagra applications for women are just the latest. You can now find surgeons who will shoot up your too-small G spot with collagen so that it plumps the unacceptably small patch for easier stimulation. There is now a full range of heating/cooling/tingling prescription and OTC creams and lubes to help girls feel aroused and gushy. Lord help me, I've even seen ads for a clit pump. Chick magazines usually have a "how to be horny" section, but now I see discussions of it in newspaper and sources where it stands out like an unwanted erection with titles like "how to train your mind to be aroused" or "man-minded thinking". It has become expected that one, if not multiple female characters in movies/tv/novels will be in a constant state of arousal and that the sight of a desirable man will make them all but come on the spot. This "girls gotta have it" obsession even extends to the media's creepy infatuation with celebrity and, more disturbingly, teen pregnancies.

All this pressure to want to boink gives me a headache. I AM FUCKING SICK AND TIRED OF BEING TOLD THAT I SHOULD BE READY TO SHE-BANG AT A MOMENT'S NOTICE. Underneath this new litany of female horniness is something sinister. Here again we have the media and pharmaceutical machine controlling the representation of female sexual norms. I certainly don't want to go back to the time when girls were discouraged from exploring their bodies and frustrated women whispered to therapists about their "frigidity", but the creation of "orgasmo grrl" is yet another attempt to direct how women have sex. AND WHO BENEFITS FROM THE PROMOTION OF THE EVER-HORNY WOMAN AS THE IDEAL? I suspect we all can figure that out.

So, no, you don't make me horny, baby. You make me think that maybe the feminist separatists are right.

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Reprinted with permission by Heartless Bitches International (heartless-bitches.com) 2008

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