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Out Of My Gender Box, Thank You...

(Jan 6, 2008)

by Lynda Suzanne Haley-Brothers 

I am 48 years old, I have a successful career in my area of education - for which I have earned a post-graduate degree. I have three absolutely brilliant and incredible daughters. I am an amazing fín woman. Absolutely nobody who met me would rightly or logically think I make any decision without thought - certainly not something as important as choosing for whom I will vote. All this being so, I was astounded to talk with three different men on three separate occasions last week who assumed that I would support Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary because she is a woman.

What the shit?! We both have vaginas - weíre twins - so of course Iíll brainlessly go off to vote for her. What - because we deserve a woman for president? What - because I voted for her husband twice and would vote for him again tomorrow given the opportunity? Who in the name of Yellow Dog Democrats would assume this.

Should I assume that even well-educated and political savvy blacks will vote for Obama despite his lack of experience and real potential to actually ever be elected as president? What a small minded notion. Itís not like that Arkansas didnít make it to the final four so I root for the other SEC team for the sake of Southern pride.

The truth is I have a great deal of respect for Hillary Clinton. She is truly a phenomenal woman. She has dealt with personal strife in the limelight with a great deal of dignity. She is a fantastic role model for the young women in our world. However, she isnít for the oval office. She doesnít have Billís charisma. She doesnít have his true affection and real devotion to the human race. She doesnít have his poker face. Mostly, she lacks the potential for election.

I am in the DFW metroplex on a regular basis, and have spent a good deal of time in rural Texas. I live in Arkansas and have spent a good deal of time in its beautiful rural towns too. I can tell you without hesitation that there are folks "out there in them woods" who "ainít never voted once" who will come out of the sticks and the hills to keep her from the white house. We as a country and a culture are not ready for any woman to be in that office, least of all one with Hillaryís baggage and image. Itís sad. I wish I could cast my primary vote for her. But I am too afraid of another four or eight years of Republican reign. Iím old enough to remember recession Ronnie and to have taken my golden showers in his tinkled on politics. Itís too close to that already for my comfort.

So in spite of the fact that one of the nominees has a "vajayjay" like me, Iím supporting Edwards in the primary - because I am a thinking woman who wants a Democrat back in the big house.

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