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I'm going to state it once and for all.

Pity parties MUST STOP!

Everyone has had some sort of trauma in their past. If they say they don't, they're either lying, recipients of an incredibly lucky existence, or deliberately being quiet about it. You are not special because you've had some hell in your life. And trading atrocities with people seems to me to be a twisted contest, what are you trying to do, impress people with how bad your life's been? Don't. Impress us with how well you've gotten past the pain and are trying to live a real life. The past is the past for a reason, folks. It's over. Done with. Kaput. Get into the present and carry on, hm? We're all supposed to be adults here. Whining and moping about the horrible, terrible things that happened/were done to you doesn't impress me, and I doubt it impresses many others. I'm positive there are people out there who have had it harder, and if you don't hear them sharing their horror stories, it's probably for a very good reason. They've dealt with it. You're not going to change the fact that you had some trauma in your past by spilling it out in a fit of self-deprecation and auto-abuse, so just shut up and get on with living. The rest of us are trying to do the same, and may not take very kindly to the reminder that the world is not all sweetness and light. We know that the world is not perfect, that people are not nice. You're not telling us anything new. At the risk of sounding superior and condescending, grow up. There. Rant done. Now you know. You have no excuse.

-Doubting Eric

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