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Powerful Choices


I just read Tabitha's Motherhood article. Heartless is definitely right.

I agree that many women have children because it is expected of them and "proper". I agree that the phenomenon of women paying for and undergoing ludicrous medical procedures in order to "naturally" pro-create instead of adopting the millions of unwanted children in the world is maddening. But, the author places "women [who] go to college, get degrees, become doctors and lawyers and are successful" as the exact opposite of their aunts and cousins who "slobber over... brats." So, in order to be "successful" a woman must shun her biological ability to give birth? These are the feminists who give the rest of us a bad name.

I do not believe every woman should give birth, or that it is the only thing of value a woman can do. Aren't we all arguing that "choice" is what it's all about? I can choose to bring a child into the world and raise him or her as a fabulous feminist (my personal plan) or I can choose not to have children. Both are choices we should respect women for making. The problem with feminism is sometimes women's inability to work with each other, our catiness that won't allow us to play fair with our other teammates. So, to Tabitha, and the other Heartless Bitches that believe having a child is a weak, destructive thing to do, I disagree. As a future midwife, I believe in the inherent strength and power you can see in every woman's face when she gives birth.

Technology and medicine (male dominated fields) have encouraged women to be afraid and trust them to "deliver" their babies but some of us know better. Birth is empowerment, it is an experience only a woman can have and something I will fight (like the meanest bitch you know) for every woman's right to choose, be it not to become pregnant, to abort a pregnancy, or to give birth to another human being.

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