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January 18, 2005

Well, it seems that HBI has attracted the attention of "Reality Television" casting agents.

Check out THIS request that I got last week:

    Delivered-To: supremebitch@heartless-bitches.com
    From: "Cat Wegner" <cwegner@rocketsciencelabs.com>
    Subject: Trading Spouses Casting
    Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 11:13:29 -0800

    My name is Cat Wegner.

    I work as a casting director at "Trading Spouses" for Fox Television and Rocket science laboratories.

    I'm contacting you for this because I'm hoping you might be interested or could help me. I am trying to find interesting families who are advocates for women's rights or women who are working in feminist organizations. Trading Spouses is a family-themed reality show that airs on Fox, Monday nights at 8PM. The purpose of our show is to compare and contrast various families across the country while highlighting their unique interests and cultures! For example, we've had everyone from hunters to vegans, alligator wranglers to family bands, tattoo artists to political activists appear on our show. Currently, we are casting for new episodes and would love to meet more interesting families who could show the world a little bit about what makes them so special! This is a terrific opportunity for any family who is energetic and who wants to learn about another way of life. In addition, every family who has appeared on the show has been compensated $50,000! All families who want to be on our show must have at least one child between the ages of 5 & 18 and must be legally married. Please have a look on our website: www.fox.com for more details.

    If you know of anyone who might fit this description, please contact me as soon as possible.

    Thanks so much for your time!
    Sincerely, Cat Wegner

    Cat Wegner
    Casting Assistant / Trading Spouses
    Rocket Science Laboratories

Here is what Tavia, our beloved Anal-Retentive Editrix-from-Hell had to say about it:
    Wow. THAT'LL sure wake a gal the heck up in the morning!

    You know--I thought I'd seen Fox evil before, but THIS is just EPIC. Not JUST evil, but totally OBLIVIOUS evil.

    What, are they hoping we'd pony up a passel of nimrods hoping to get swapped out on camera into some knuckle-dragging philistine family? Collaborate on yet another sad spectacle designed for the delectation of sloped foreheads everywhere?

    If I thought it was possible to breathe in the thick sulfur that passes for air at Fox, I'd say it'd be hilarious to send a mole or three to them, just to chap the living hell out of their willfully pasty asses.


    (And I can't get over the humongous irony of the fact that "Cat" apparently works for an outfit called--I can't even TYPE it with a straight face--Rocket Science Laboratories!)

    -Tavia, who thought she was already plenty cynical

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