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"RedBook" Mag makes her see Red

The August '98 issue of Redbook magazine prompted one of its readers to send the following letter to the editors. I wonder if they will have the guts to publish it?

Dear Editor:

Now let's see. In one issue you have a so-called marital expert fluent in the subtle nuances of Husbandspeak (just how deep do you think they are?), a helpful guide on how to seduce one's husband (just how hard is that?), and a handy keep-by-your-bedside list of things a woman can do to make her husband happy (oh yeah, that would justify our existence!). Was this issue intended to be a parody? An infinitely more helpful article for you to publish would be something like "How to Get Your Husband to Please You in Bed," which could be subtitled "Getting him to Understand That a Hard Penis is Not Enough." Seriously, Redbook, do you think women sit around all day and discuss how important it is to please our husbands? Most of my conversations with my married girlfriends involve comparing our husband's endearing sexual techniques such as the "wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am" or the "grab, pull, poke, plunge" method. Oh, and don't forget their endearing "screw and snore" routine. This one is especially pleasing to a wife. Please stop with these stupid articles which are obviously intended for starry-eyed, twenty-something newlyweds who don't have a clue what's in store. If I wanted to read garbage like this, I'd still be reading Cosmopolitan. I assume most of your readers are like me - married, with children and careers, in their 30's and 40's, who don't have time to play games with men who can't find a clitoris OR their wallets!"


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