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A Lesson in Sexist Thinking

by Dlitman@bellsouth.net

A few weeks ago I was on my way across town to do errands. On the way I passed a motorist stranded on the side of the road, hood up, laboring over the fender, two small kids in the back seat. I live in south Florida. At that time of the day its usually about 90 degrees, 110 in the back seat of a vehicle motionless on the roadside, but being in a hurry, and also late for my appointment, I continued on without stopping.

About an hour and a half later, I was on the return trip from my appointment, and noticed the vehicle, laboring driver, kids and all, were still at this same location. I pulled over, walked up to the driver and asked if there was any way I could help.

The driver wheeled around from under the hood, and in a sarcastic, imitation of a damsel-in-distress sort of voice, stated, "Oh!, I'm just a poor little woman, stuck here, and have no idea what to do. Oh please big strong man, can you save me from this predicament?". (This was when I first realized the person was female).Then she bluntly said ....."Fuck off creep! The only goddamn reason you stopped is because I'm a woman, and you obviously think a woman can't handle herself in this situation."

I (honestly) replied, "To tell you the truth lady, until just this moment, I thought you WERE a man, but in all honesty I was concerned about the kids in the back. I was through here about an hour and a half ago, and noticed the prediciment, but didn't stop for THAT very reason. I thought you were a man. And now you're accusing me of being sexist, well you're right. I am being sexist, but not only sexist towards women, (because I probably would have stopped the first time if I had known you were a woman). But also, sexist towards men as well, by thinking, Fuck him, he's a man, he SHOULD know what he's doing."

Well as humans do, we stared at each other over for about 10 seconds, and simultaineously burst into laughter. The woman said, "I'm sorry, do you have any black electrical tape, and could you please run back to the last intersection, and get a couple of soda's for my kids?" I gladly did so, and brought back some electrical tape as well.

The incident ended, with the woman repairing her own burnt wire, while I served the kids a soda and ice cream sandwiches. After leaving the incident, I realized, we humans are so busy recoiled into our protective corners, defenses up, defending ourselves from the attack position, that we rarely ever just let human-to-human kindness have a chance to meet in the middle. From now on I will stop EVERY time, no matter the sex of the person stranded. I am also sure the woman will tone her radical defensivness back just a bit, (when it is truly safe to do so, of course), and I will chalk this one up in my personal log of classic lessons in modern day life.

By the way,...I hate dainty, pansy asses of both sexes. We of both genders need to toughen up and stop whining about every little inconvenience in life!

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