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To: Nataliep@heartless-bitches.com
From: Melinda H.
Subject: My Rant

Here's my rant on the subject of penis size.

I've seen an increase in the number of whiny tirades about men with little dicks on HBI.

Where?    Seriously.

All I can think of is the one rant that went in a couple of weeks ago and the quote of the week from it that was up there.    Did we hit a hot-button because someone is dating a thimble-dick?

Whining, as described in "the difference between whining and bitching" means complaining about something you can actually can DO something about.

Well, given that the author of the aforementioned rant can't do ANYTHING about the size of the guy's penis, I fail to see how it qualifies as "whining".    She can, of course, fetch herself a man with larger equipment, but the complaint was more around the fact that we don't get to find out whether he's weilding an earth worm a firehose until we get him naked.

Kind of the way male chauvinist pigs strut about with a sort of underbred pride in their own assholeness, it seems some of your members are doing the same.

I wouldn't have limited assholish behavior to a gender.    It's all about equality baby.

Aren't you the same people who get pissed off when some fool assumes YOU'RE stupid because of your breast size, hair color, or even your gender?

Whoa - exaggeration junction!    What an asinine extrapolation.    We don't assume they are STUPID because of a small penis.    We just might not be interested in having SEX with them.    And we have a right to be DAMNED disappointed if they don't deliver in the sack REGARDLESS of size.

Besides, my breast size or hair color doesn't make me buy a CAR, does it?    How much of my behavior, do you think, is geared toward compensating for brown hair?

Aren't you pissed off when people make narrow-minded, generalized assumptions based upon your appearance?

The only person making assumptions here was YOU.    The author of the article didn't imply any correlation between the man's intellect and his penis size.

I'm sure there ARE men who are wonderful people who happen to have teeny peckers.
...I just wouldn't want to fuck them.

And yet, judging by appearances is exactly what some Bitches are doing - "I don't want any of those small men!

My right to choose.

They simply can't satisfy me! And they're whiny, personality disordered assholes who drive big shiny sports cars!"

Men with large dicks don't need the sports cars.    (Ba dum bum CHING!)

Since when was a small dick some guarantee of assholishness?

Nothing is a guarantee of anything, we know that.    I wouldn't bet the HOUSE, however, on him not being an asshole.

Besides, if he's a asshole he's got to be overcompensating for SOMETHING, right?    (Ba dum bum CHING - DING!)

Granted, some insecure men LET the fact that they don't live up to society's ideal get to them, and because they lack the skills or the character to overcome the stigma,

It's really a self-inflicted stigma, you know.    We say the same for women who allow themselves to be subverted by the media.

And what we say is:    Wah wah fuckin' wah.    Get over it.

they shore up a shaky self-esteem with fancy cars and money and by treating women badly. I can see why this isn't attractive. But is it logical to paint a EVERY small man with the same brush?

Where ARE you getting this broad generalization?    Do YOU see anything on the site that generalizes like that?    I wish to hell these people would QUOTE the articles they are referencing.    Like we can remember every one of the 6000 pages on the site... sheesh!

I don't think so. I'm sure there are small men out there who tell society and its standards to go fuck itself, and make themselves into the best men that they can be, and have plenty of confidence in things that matter the most - intelligence, personality and character - society be damned.

Yeah, but they've still got the bug-fucker, man.

Now some people may prefer a big dick over a small one, the way that I'd prefer Ben and Jerry's over a plate of liver and onions - simply as a personal preference. But why the smug, mocking attitude? Is it because they feel so hip and clever for taking a retro, anti-politically correct, sexist stand?

Because she found herself in a disappointing situation and wanted to laugh sardonically about it?     Hyperbole.    Satire.    Get it?    Didn't think so.

Why, as women, should we be "above" stating our sexual preferences?    I mean, when it comes to equality, if it is ok for men to state that they have a sexual preference for big breasts or blondes, why can't I state that I have a preference for big cocks?

Preferring larger dicks isn't sexist. But assuming that any man with a small dick is unacceptable, IS.

Get your labels right.   Sexism is about stereotyping based on GENDER.    Is it sexist to prefer Ben and Jerry's to liver and onions? The whole big-dick little-dick thing is about *preference*.    You can have all the little-dicked fellows that we don't like.

Because it reduces a man to nothing more than a dick.

As The Morrigan once said, "Sometimes a big dick is just that."

What do these women do, whip out the tape measure on the first date and measure the damn thing? "Oh, not quite six inches. Throw 'im back!"

When it takes a magnifying glass to see the damn thing, I don't need a tape measure to know it's too small to satisfy me.    However, I think Lori's complaint was that she DIDN'T check him out on the first date - she waited too long and should have done her research earlier.

Never mind if he's smart, funny, articulate, honest and real - if his DICK doesn't measure up, throw him back!

I don't give a damn HOW smart, funny or intelligent he is if he's lousy in bed.    If I want someone to be a LOVER, we'd better be compatible both IN and out of bed or he's only suitable for "friends".    Part of that compatibility MAY be based on penis size.    I had one partner with a smaller-than-average penis, but he made up for his lack with AMAZING skill with his hands.    In the end, it compensated - but he was a rarity.    However I also had sex with a guy who was VASTLY under-endowed and it did NOTHING for me sexually.    Sorry pal.    Thanks for playing, but I'm not interested in continuing down the "relationship" road...

And besides, sometimes a girl just wants a good fuck - nothing more.    Sometimes those big-dicked fuckers have never learned how to converse.    If you are looking for big, dumb, and full of cum, why would you worry about his conversational skills?

This is funny,

Considering that you miss the humor, yeah. The irony is killing me.

coming from women who argue articulately and passionately against the folly of men who see them as merely arm candy, domestic servants, or sex objects because of their OWN gender.

Whoa! How did we get on the exit-ramp to Hyperbole Street?

And why can't a woman be interested in a man for nothing more than sex?

Are we supposed to be ABOVE that?   Are you another one of those women who thinks we should be elevated above being human?

As for the "arm candy" thing, I don't plan to hang around long enough to BE arm candy. We don't see them as little dicks because of their gender.    We see their little dicks as pretty useless because to us, they are.    You're trying to forge a comparison where they really don't meet.

Wouldn't it piss you off to be judged on one's suitability as a romantic partner because of the size of YOUR body parts?

Nope.    To each his own, which is how it works out anyway.   What do YOUR dates look like?   And I don't take it personally - it's that person's preference, not MY deficiency.

Besides, who do you think you are kidding when you say it's not important?   Of COURSE it's important. People who stink might be wonderful, funny people, but I AIN'T FUCKIN' 'EM.

Can you imagine how you'd like to hear a man saying, "Hmm, tits not big enough. Throw her back!" Or whipping out a speculum and saying, "I just CAN'T date a woman with an overly large pussy."

He wouldn't think so if his DICK WERE BIGGER.    Always projecting.

I believe that happiness in relationships depends most of all on the compatibility between personalities, as well as

What IS it with you women and relationships?   Always trying to turn a fuck into an engagement.

the emotional health of each partner. I happen to be on the opposite end of the penis-size spectrum - due to my body's limitations, I prefer smaller men. The big ones HURT me.

Ahhh...   So that's where this is coming from (oooh - rim shot!) -   what's wrong with your small-dicked boyfriend's ego that you feel compelled to defend his honor from a perceived slight?   Tell you what - why not start a website for women who love men with small penises?    Change the world.   Small-dicked men UNITE!    You could start a dating service for women who want small-dicked men.    I'm sure it would be a hit.

And yet, I have had boyfriends with dicks larger than was comfortable for me. It made having sex more complicated, but we found ways of getting around the problems. If I had merely kicked them out of my life based upon their dick size, I would have lost out on some wonderful relationships.

And it's really easier to bow to that than admit that you really didn't want it.    It never ceases to amaze me why women feel compelled to continue relationships when they are sexually incompatible...

If a guy's too small, it's a lot easier in my opinion than if he's too big. He can use a dildo on her. There are even extenders that a guy can put on his own dick to make it bigger, et cetera. The problem is FAR from insolvable.

Like a man who would buy a car to compensate would WEAR one of those.

Besides, why bother?   If I had to go to THOSE lengths (gods, ANOTHER rim-shot!), I'd just have sex with a lesbian.    She'd have a greater selection of dildos and she'd be better at fucking and giving head than him anyway.

So why are these women complaining?

Because they don't get a chance to check out the equipment early on like the guys do (i.e. in the breasts dept.)?    As far as I'm concerned, if you are looking for a "relationship", it's best to check out the whole package early on before you get too far along and find out the guy is crapola in bed.    Geeze - you test drive a car before you buy it, right?

They are WHINING, not bitching, because they CAN do something about the situation.

Nah, they are just having a little fun with the "size doesn't matter" platitude that so many women feed insecure men.    They are just telling the TRUTH.    Size DOES matter for some women.    It even matters for YOU - you just told us that guys who are TOO big are painful.   Personally, I don't see the point in having sex with someone when you have to ask "is it in yet?".

They could deal with physical incompatibility. Or they could simply restrict themselves to dating larger men.

So what is the crux of your argument?    Didn't you just berate us for that measuring tape thing?

But I fail to see why they consider it vital to advertise the fact. Are they seeking moral support from others who also see a man as nothing more than his sex organs?

They are poking fun at the stereotype and the platitude.   Check out the site.   We do that a lot.

Are they expecting a carrot for being clever?

What do YOU want?   That's probably your answer.

It takes more than pointless man-bashing (because this IS man-bashing, not just idiot-bashing) to win my respect.

Why would I want your respect?

And why is it MAN-BASHING to say that you are disappointed with men who are grossly under-endowed?    How did this extend to the entire gender?

You'd be tired of reading multiple essays on how I hate liver and onions.

I'm tired of reading emails and rants from the humorless with more opinions than they can safely handle.    This didn't stop you, though.

I feel the same way about reading all these rants about men with small dicks.

All ONE of them?    You must exhaust easily.    I have a solution for you:    DON'T come to HBI. This is one of those things you can "do something about".    Quit your whining.

There are many more deserving targets than they.

...now where could I find one?

--edited by Nataliep and Jadesyren

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